Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome Baby Rosie! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

It is my great honor to introduce you, dear blog-readers, to a very sweet, very well-loved, and absolutely adorable little girl by the equally adorable name of Rosie.  You might remember seeing her parents' maternity shoot a few weeks ago.  Isn't it neat to think that this lovely little person was in there the whole time, just waiting to make her debut on the outside world?  Ah, what a miracle life is.  :)

Anyway, I , for one, was really excited to meet her.  I think Rosie's newborn shoot takes the prize for "most stuff in my car."  Not only did I pack all of my typical equipment, but I also brought extra throws, extra blankets, extra props, AND THEN I stopped by Hobby Lobby for more baskets on my way to the shoot.  (Doing this all with a 3 year old and an 11 month-old in tow was probably one of my crazier ideas.)  Of course, it all turned out very well.  With each "set," Rosie waited until I had at least gotten a few good shots before she peed on things, which I think was pretty decent of her.  She even gave me some delightfully sleepy periods, some sleep smiles, a yawn, and (of course) she elicited expressions of pure joy from her parents- which always looks great on camera.

As always with the Turner family, I left the session feeling grateful to be a part of their lives, grateful to be trusted with the job of capturing such precious memories on camera, and (this time, specifically), grateful to watch my good friends entering this new and exciting world of parenthood.  I already know they're going to do an amazing job (they already are doing an amazing job), and Rosie is blessed to have them.  I know they say the same of her.  :)

(Pssst... you can click on the individual photos to see them larger.  Do it!)

Don't you just love that little newborn-sized tutu?  Her Mama found that for the shoot.  :)

My good friend Lillie, of  Flourish by Lillie, custom made this sweet rose headband for Rosie's session.  Thank you, Lillie- you do great work!

She looks like a baby bird, hatching out of a little white egg!  So cute.

Oh, those baby yawns; they are so cute!  I try to catch one with every newborn I photograph, but they can be tricky!

Daddy and daughter.  What could be sweeter?

I could not have asked for a more beautiful nursery to photograph!

This shot almost didn't happen.  But she fell asleep again right as I was packing up the rest of my props.  I had to take advantage of the moment!

The simple sweetness of a newborn baby holding hands with her Mommy.  It gets me.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse these adorable photos of Rosie, and I hope to bring you many more in the years to come!  Goodnight, internet!

~ Kathryn

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Turners are Having a Baby!

It brings me great joy to introduce my most recent photo session with my dear friends and repeat clients, the illustrious Turners!  You may recognize them from their first session way back in 2012, or from their beach session more recently in 2014.  Whenever I set out to photograph these two, I have learned to expect a lot of laughs, really picturesque settings, and amazing photos.  This session was no exception.  In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say this was the best one yet!

Of course, the big difference in this session was that Heather is radiantly pregnant with their first child.  I mean really, she's gorgeous already.  Add an adorable baby bump and the glow of maternity and we had a very winning combination.  Once the golden sunset light and a giddy husband were factored in, the winning-ness was just ridiculous.  Crazy, folks.

Now, as far as practical information goes, I'll tell you that this lovely location was Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano, WA, and we started shooting just as the sun was going behind the trees (hence, that marvelous, powerful light you'll see in the first few shots).  The Turners supplied their own props- that super cool crushed velvet chair and those tiny hand-knit baby booties.  This was also a relatively quick session, due to the unseasonably chilly weather which, thankfully, doesn't really come through in the final photos.

I'll say one sappy thing before I let you scroll through these wonderful photos.  The Turners are an objectively good-looking couple.  They know how to dress, they are cute, and Heather has got some great hair.  But every time I work on a photo session for them, what I am really captivated by is the love in their eyes when they look at each other.  There is just no denying that the most beautiful thing in their photos is always the plain-as-day, crazy-about-each-other, soul-mate-ness that comes through in every shot.  If they were just my clients, I would probably think to myself as I worked on their photos, "Man, I wish I knew them better; they seem like really cool people."  But, as it is, I get the honor of actually being their friend, AND capturing these memories for them.  That's one reason I am SO very excited about this session- and the newest little Turner who will undoubtedly light up my lens, just like her parents.  :)

Thanks for looking, folks!  Stay tuned for more adorableness in the future, and have a great day (or night, depending on when you see this)!

~ Kathryn

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Millers' Mini Session ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

I am glad whenever I get to hang out with the Miller family, so you can imagine how I feel when they actually pay me to hang out with them.  Yup:  Super.  Lucky.  It's a win-win, folks.  

To those faithful Camellia Images fans out there, you should absolutely recognize that adorable little blonde kid in the photos.  He is one of my favorite clients, the child responsible for my most popular photo ever, and an all-around cool guy.  His parents aren't bad, either.  ;)

Since we were right up into the Christmas season, we decided to do a casual mini session, and we chose an easy location- the back half of my mother-in-law's property, which had all manner of endearing features: a carpet of fallen leaves, beautiful trees, a rope swing, a tree house, a chicken coop, and even a whimsical little wishing well.  You may also notice an unusual feature in these photos... a certain canine Miller family member.  Yes, that little bundle of fur and energy is their new puppy, and he tagged along, too!  (I must say, he was surprisingly good at looking at the camera when I said his name!)

I could describe all of the fun things we did, but you might as well just scroll through the photos below.  Enjoy!

This one cracks me up every time.

He's good looking, AND he knows it.

A boy and his dog both exploring nature.  That's admittedly a very cool fungus.

The wishing well!

I love, love, love this odd little shot.  Knowing that he was looking straight down the well, but not wanting to catch my own face in the water below, I held my camera over the opening and just started taking pictures.  This one happened to catch his reflection pretty clearly!  Wishing wells are magical, which must mean that photos taken in wishing wells are also magical.  Right?

An in-between shot, but so hip.

Aw- what a cute family they are!

Real life + Portrait session = Real life portraits.
Well, there you have it, folks!  I bet you wish you knew them, too, now, eh?   Or maybe you already do, and now you'll just love them all the more!  Thanks for looking, everyone, and have a great weekend!

~ Kathryn

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunset Session with the Dicksons ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

It's always a delight for me when I get called to photograph a family again after their first session.  I get to see children grow older, couples grow closer, and the photos just seem to get better and better because we're all more familiar with each other.  Such was the case with the Dickson family this past November.

My last session with them was about the same time of year at Point Defiance Park, right here in Tacoma.  This time, we changed locations and opted for some beautiful rocky beaches and wide open spaces, not to mention cool old concrete ruins: Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place.  (For clarification, the area where we were shooting was in a recreational park right next to the golf course, but still owned by the golf course.)

Besides being a little chilly, it was a perfect day for a photo shoot!  The air was just crisp enough to make people huddle closer together and give their cheeks a little natural rouge- all good things for photos!  The only bummer was that their young son was sporting a very sore nose (that's what Photoshop is for, am I right?), and he was a bit cold at the beginning.  But once we got going, the session seemed to have a momentum of its own.  And once the sun was setting and we were down by the water, the beautiful rosy light really ended the shoot on a high note.  I could not have asked for better lighting.

That being said, my favorite part of this session was the short time that we were perched up on a grassy hill just up from the water, taking very sweet and casual family portraits.  This little guy was just delighting his parents with his cute little antics and sweet wonderment with such things as a twig, a bird in the sky, etc.  You can see the love on their faces, and I didn't have to ask them to do any of that.  I love when I can just tell people to interact naturally, and they give me gold.

This is a good context shot.  Isn't Chambers Bay cool?

Handsome little guy.  Cold and under the weather, but handsome.  :)

Birds are always good for a shot like this.  I'm sure one of these days I'll catch someone getting pooped on, but for now, it's cute!

I just love the looks on their faces in this one.

I'm a sucker for the Mother-Son shots...

I love taking photos of Moms & Dads without the kids.  Time alone is rare.  Pictures alone can be even rarer!

And some gorgeous sunlight and a cute boy to end the session!

Stunning, right?  Thanks for looking, everybody, and stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!

~ Kathryn

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Downtown Cowans ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

When my faithful friends and frequent clients, the Cowan family, wanted to do a mini photo session this past fall, all of the usual locations went through my mind.  As many of you are probably aware, I usually do photo shoots in natural locations, so when their oldest daughter suggested that we do their session in downtown Tacoma, I was really excited for the change of scenery!

We started outdoors at the beautiful white Spanish Steps, then walked up to Opera Alley, which I had never actually been to before (shame, shame!).  The brick buildings and colorful doors and windows gave us many more options than we could even have chosen.  The low-light photos you'll see below were taken in the B Sharp Coffee House, in their original back rooms.  What a score that was!

I am definitely going to need to go back Downtown in the future for another shoot, and hopefully discover even more hidden gems like these!  But for now, scroll down and take a look at the lovely Cowan family, in all their hip, downtowny coolness.  ;)

Sisters!  I do love these girls.  :)

This was Opera Alley.  Such beautiful geometric architectural elements!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't laughing as I took these shots.

A noisy photo with my ISO cranked super high... but sometimes the emotion of a shot compensates for technical details.

These siblings crack me up!  They're a very serious bunch, as you can plainly see...

And on that note, I will bid you all a fond goodnight!  Thanks for looking, and a BIG thank you to Breah for all of her on-the-spot posing and location ideas!

~ Kathryn 

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Millers at Blueberry Park (back and better than ever!) ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

After my last session AND the session before that with the Miller family, I would not have thought I'd ever be able to take more enchanting, lovely, genuinely beautiful photos of them.  (This is just as much a reflection of their love for each other and easygoing personalities as it is of my skills as a photographer.)  They are simply so wonderful to photograph, and we've had such gorgeous locations, that I just didn't think the previous shoots could be topped.  Until...

Last month, these dear friends of mine met up with my camera and I at one of my favorite locations- Blueberry Park, in Tacoma.  At this time of year, the park (comprised of 5 acres of huge blueberry bushes) is aflame with red, orange, and yellow leaves.  It was also perhaps the sunniest day I've seen there, and the combination of these two factors made for a truly vibrant photo shoot.  During the middle of our session, I recall saying to them, "You know, usually, I enhance colors a little bit in the editing process, but I think I may have to actually tone these colors down so they're not distracting!"

The only thing more captivating than the colors that afternoon was the obvious love and tenderness shared by this family.  I am honored to know them not only as clients, but as longtime friends, and I think that familiarity really shows.  I always hope for families to feel comfortable and unencumbered around me (which is difficult when a camera is around, I know!).  But the Millers are a family who really does seem to forget the camera is there and just interact totally naturally with each other.  I am honored that they trust me enough to be real around me (and my camera), and I know they benefit just as much as I do from the result!

Take a look through some of the highlights of our session below and you'll see what I mean.  (It doesn't hurt that by now the Millers have a keen sense of what to wear and what props to bring along- those books, the doll, the splashes of red in their outfits against the fall leaves- oh my!)  Beautiful!

I always love the parents-in-background shot.  This is how it is, am I right?!

This was a shot I almost left out.  But each time I passed it, the movement and the light in her hair just captured me.  Our kids are so often moving, running, playing.  I'm so grateful that cameras can stop time.

Last minute wardrobe change,  I approve!

Brains and beauty.  This girl is a double-threat!  ;)

When the artsy detail-shot presents itself, I go for it!

These two!  Just stunning.  

This little lady started tiring out before we grown-ups did.  But her sweet tiredness made for some really adorable shots.

This photo is one of my all-time favorites.  There's nothing like the stoic American cowboy tenderly holding his little girl.

One of the last photos we took, and a beautiful parting shot.  This photo looked basically like this straight out of camera.  Talk about some amazing light!

See what I mean?  I just can't wait to see what the future holds for this enchanting family and their future photo shoots!

See you next time!
~ Kathryn