Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally! Milo gets a REAL Photoshoot! (Part 1)

My friends, it is a sad truth that Milo has yet to get the star treatment of having his very own photo shoot.  Of course, I have taken many more pictures of him than are probably necessary, but yesterday afternoon was the first time I dragged out the blankets, professional camera, and time to do this precious little boy justice.  Please, before you judge me for my obvious photographic negligence, have a look at the photos...

Oh wait... some back story.  You see, this photo shoot started out as what we at the Stevens household like to call "naked time" for Milo.  He had been suffering from a diaper rash, and we thought the little guy could use some sunshine and a breeze on those bare cheeks (who doesn't).  Our only goals at the outset were to air him out and nab some cute photos in the process- oh, and to avoid getting pee on ourselves or the camera!  I would say we succeeded.

Daddy was kind enough to take the camera so I could have some shots with the boy.  What a treasure these will be when he is old and teenager-y!

Being both parents and photographers, we were prepared for this; we just switched out the blankets, kept the lens clear of the stream, and kept right on shooting!

By the end of our shoot, it was time for Milo's nap and Mommy's photo editing to begin!  On days like these I feel so blessed to be both a Mom and a photographer.  I am honored to know this little boy and to see all his little faces and expressions, and it's a treat whenever I can capture them on "film."  


Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 of this Photo shoot- Portraits with Daddy!  I'll aim to post them within the next week.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Watching Drew Grow: 6 Months!

My first photo shoot with Drew took place while he was still in-utero.  I met him on the "outside" when he was just 5 days old for his newborn portraits, and again at 3 months for the first installment of his Watch me Grow portraits.  A few weeks ago, I met up with Drew and his parents for his 6 month shoot, and boy, has he grown!  It's been wonderful to see him every three months- especially since I've had Milo.  I get to see what's coming up for us! 

I've included some of my favorites here for your viewing pleasure.  Drew was pretty adorable with his Daddy when taking some cuddly shots, so I just kept shooting.  In about three months, I will have posted his 9 month portraits, so make sure to keep an eye out for this handsome little guy come November...

Posing with his Daddy.  See what happens...  :)