Monday, February 14, 2011

Drew Turns One! Exclusive coverage of the big event...

Well, folks, it's been a whole year for little Drew and I have the photos to prove it!  Although I don't typically shoot events these days, Drew's Mom wanted some live coverage of his big first birthday celebration and I was glad to play "photojournalist" again!  The star of the show was in fine form the entire time I was there and he was a delightful little subject.  I think he liked the fact that he could play with his toys and pretty much ignore the camera this time, which he is usually not able to do during our portrait sessions.  :)

Isn't his birthday boy hat precious?  I will have to find one like it for Milo in the next couple of months.  Drew didn't seem all that impressed with it, but all of the grown-ups thought it was pretty dang cute.

Drew was far more interested in playing with his new toys than eating cake or being in his high chair.  He soon got his wish!

So there you have it!  You'll be seeing more of Drew soon, as he'll be having his official 12 month photo shoot  later this month.  I hope I've whetted your appetite just a little with this small selection from his birthday party photos.  If you'll notice, I tried out some new post-process "looks" with this shoot, and I am really excited for how they will come into play in future sessions.  Stay tuned!