Friday, July 15, 2011

Waiting for Baby P! (An Afternoon of Pregnant Portraits with Sara and Jonathan)

If there's one thing more exciting than a newborn baby, I would have to say it's a pregnant belly.  It may sound strange, but the potential is what really does it for me.  With my dear friends Sara and Jonathan, this principle definitely holds true.  They're waiting to find out the gender of the baby.  They're waiting to announce the name.  And of course, they're waiting for that baby to be born!  Come on, how much more suspense could there be???

As their photographic friend,  I was very glad they didn't want to wait on maternity portraits!

We set out for our shoot on a gray and drizzly Saturday afternoon, hoping the sky wouldn't erupt in a full shower, but prepared for the worst nonetheless.  In fact, I was actually really eager to use a prop I have had for a while but never shot with: my windy-city vintage umbrella!  The shoot went so well, as I was confident it would.  Sara was unguarded, giddy, and radiant, which is pretty much the perfect combination for a portrait shoot.

I've included a lot more of the photos from our shoot than I usually do in blog posts, but I just couldn't narrow them down any more, and I hope this post is better for it!  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful couple, baby ready to arrive, amazing photographer!

  2. Beautiful couple and perfect belly but you really have a gift capturing the moment and feelings of your subjects. I continue to be more impressed with your photography everytime I see your pictures.

  3. These turned out Lovely Kathryn! THANKS! Can't wait to print them :)

  4. What beautiful pictures. They capture the reality of the couple and this season in their life.

  5. This baby will see how much they are expected and loved, when they are older. You two are an inspiration to love and happiness. I wish it for you always. Kathryn, Great Pics!