Friday, September 30, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- An Afternoon with the MacKay's

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with our friends, the MacKays over at a lovely little Park in University Place.  We had been talking about doing a photo shoot for quite some time, and the day had finally arrived!  Thankfully, we had perfect weather and a beautiful setting to work with, and both Steve and JoAnn were in fine form!  I don't often get the chance to do photo sessions with just couples, and I had forgotten how nice it is to not have to be worrying about children looking away from the camera, or running off, or having scowls on their faces.  Although, I will say that these two were by no means boring or predictable!  They were so funny and cute together that we were often laughing in between (and during) shots.   Here is a sampling of photos from our afternoon together...

Steve consented to let me take some dancing shots of the two of them, and I am so glad I could!  I can see now why they love square dancing so much- it's fun AND romantic!  ;)

In these two shots, they were telling me the story of this beautiful ring on JoAnn's finger, and how Steve gave it to her.  It was very sweet.  If you know these two, you'll have to ask them sometime!

I just love these shots with the hazy sunlight and the evergreen trees- and of course, you can see the love between Steve and JoAnn- that's such a special thing!  The one below just warms my heart.  :)

When I got in my car after this shoot was done, I was so impressed with the love and joy that Steve and JoAnn have in their marriage, and I was honored that they would let me and my camera in on that!  This was one of those days that I felt so grateful to be a photographer- to get this unique glimpse into people's personal lives, what makes them happy, what makes them laugh, and how they interact with the people they're closest to.  Thank you, Steve and JoAnn, for the chance to capture these memories for you!

~ Kathryn

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Big Photo Shoot GIVEAWAY!

Here it is, friends... the moment you've all been waiting for!  For the first time ever, you have a chance to win a free photo shoot from yours truly- Kathryn Stevens of Camellia Images.

Based on your feedback from the Facebook survey I did a few weeks ago, I've decided to offer a modified family photo shoot, which includes an hour of shooting and 15 finalized images on CD.  It can be a fall shoot, Christmas shoot, themed shoot- you name it!  I am excited to see who wins and create a personalized photo session with you!

Some tips on entering the Giveaway:

~ I know some of you may not have a lot of practice at entering blog giveaways.  If you have questions on how to enter or complete a given task, feel free to e-mail me at or contact me by some other means if you can.  I have also made little notes for each way to enter, so that should help.
~ You'll notice this when you check out the giveaway form, but you can get lots of extra entries by telling your friends about this giveaway and getting them to enter as well.  You can get points for inviting two friends per day, so do this as much as you like.
~ If you are the lucky winner, you have to use your photo shoot before 6 months from the date that you won.  There's no time like the present!

Okay, well that's about it.  I am so excited to see how this goes and find out who will win!  Have fun and tell lots of people!

~ Kathryn

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Meet the Couture Family!

There have been times in my business when my friends have become my clients, which is always fun.  But there are also some times when my clients become my friends, as is the case with the Couture family!  When I met them, they were in need of some photos of their sweet youngest girl, so they opted for a family shoot and emphasized that they wanted some good pictures of her alone.  Well, I had a great time getting some nice shots of her, but I didn't stop there.  In fact, the four of them were so fun to photograph all together that I got many more whole-family shots than I usually do!

It helped that we were surrounded by some beautiful Washington scenery (Sunnyside Park in Steilacoom), and that they were just radiating the kind of happiness and love that make a good photo shoot GREAT.  Take a look at some highlights and see what you think!  (Oh, and as with all of my posts, double click on a picture to see it larger!)

Aren't these two just so sweet together?

This one wasn't posed, it just sort of happened during a mid-shoot clothing "fixing" for the little one.  :)

This one (below) may be my favorite from the whole shoot- what a beautiful family!

So, of course, when I took these, little miss wand was feeling quite goofy...  ;)  I'm just glad she peeked out from behind said wand  in time for me to catch this shot!

Note to future client-Moms: the accessories make the picture!  I am always glad when clients think outside the box a little and bring fun props for our photo shoots!

Notice the pouty little sandy lips below.  Priceless.

This one was literally the last shoot of the session.  I looked at it on the back of my camera and knew it was the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks for looking and getting to know the Couture family a little better!  I'm sure glad I did!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tacoma Newborn Photographer- Baby Elias' Photographic Debut!

Do you remember several months ago when you all met that adorable couple, Jon and Sara Pitroff?  Well, you may recall their beautiful rainy-day photo shoot, which I was so delighted to do for them!  You may be asking yourselves, "I wonder if they've had their baby?"  Well, wait no longer- you are about to meet their precious bundle of boy, Elias Reuben!

Since Sara is a very laid-back mom, it's no surprise to me that our shoot went smoothly.  Elias was a little gentleman, and slept basically the entire time (even though we were moving him, clicking around him, and arranging for him to be kissed... repeatedly).  And I was eager to use my luxurious new fur rug as a prop (thank you, IKEA!).

I could go on and on about how cute Elias is, or about how sweet he was with his Mommy, but I think the pictures say it much better than I ever could.  Take a look!

Babies are amazing creatures; they can sleep while draped over wicker baskets with fur tickling their faces!

Mmmm.... baby feet!

I imagine he's dreaming about flying in this one.  Or about rocking out at a concert.  :)

This one just melts me.  It's my favorite of the bunch.  What tenderness there is between a mother and her son!  And I was lucky enough to capture it on film!  (Well, pixels, technically...)

So, when I saw this one on the back of my camera, I broke a rule of mine and showed it to Sara.  She is completely stunning.  What a hot mom!  ;)

Poor Sara, she had to kiss her baby through almost our entire session!  The shots were just too sweet, so I insisted.  :)  Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting little Elias.  Perhaps you'll see more of him in the future!  Ta-ta!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Waiting for Baby... Number Five!

Two weeks ago I had the distinct honor of photographing a family of six (Mom and Dad, plus four kids)- with one on the way!  I got to drive much further north than I usually do, and met with this delightful brood in their own (very cool) backyard.  It was a real treat!  My favorite part, beyond taking pictures (of course), was seeing the joy and anticipation on all of their faces as they knew they were SO close to meeting their new little brother or sister.  How refreshing it was to share in this special time with Rich and Marlene and their four adorable children!  One thing is for sure, this family is just bursting with life (and I'm not just making a bad pun).  Take a look for yourself!

Marlene wanted a few shots with the kids around her belly, and I think we got some winners here!  In the shot above, I really wish my camera had sound capture... they were all actually kissing her belly repeatedly, so it sounded like I was photographing a school of hungry little fish.  Very cute!

What a find this red door was!  It's the door to their chicken coop.  Not too glamorous, I guess, but I just couldn't resist those bold colors!

In between shots of Marlene and Rich, the kids were on assignment to get the wiggles out, so they kept me very entertained!  The boys preferred plain old physical play, while the girls read me jokes from their magazine.

A silly shot from the group portraits...  ;)  (I love what the girls are doing!)

Marlene looked completely radiant, so I took the chance to get her away from the hubbub and snag some shots of her alone with her belly.  But I couldn't resist yet another opportunity to get some nice shots of these two alone.  I mean, how could I?  They are so sweet!

Thanks, Marlene and Rich, for letting me in on your busy lives for a couple of hours, and opening your home to me and my camera!  I hope that someday if Daniel and I ever have a house-ful of kids, we are still as much in love as you two are!  :)