Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Meet the Couture Family!

There have been times in my business when my friends have become my clients, which is always fun.  But there are also some times when my clients become my friends, as is the case with the Couture family!  When I met them, they were in need of some photos of their sweet youngest girl, so they opted for a family shoot and emphasized that they wanted some good pictures of her alone.  Well, I had a great time getting some nice shots of her, but I didn't stop there.  In fact, the four of them were so fun to photograph all together that I got many more whole-family shots than I usually do!

It helped that we were surrounded by some beautiful Washington scenery (Sunnyside Park in Steilacoom), and that they were just radiating the kind of happiness and love that make a good photo shoot GREAT.  Take a look at some highlights and see what you think!  (Oh, and as with all of my posts, double click on a picture to see it larger!)

Aren't these two just so sweet together?

This one wasn't posed, it just sort of happened during a mid-shoot clothing "fixing" for the little one.  :)

This one (below) may be my favorite from the whole shoot- what a beautiful family!

So, of course, when I took these, little miss wand was feeling quite goofy...  ;)  I'm just glad she peeked out from behind said wand  in time for me to catch this shot!

Note to future client-Moms: the accessories make the picture!  I am always glad when clients think outside the box a little and bring fun props for our photo shoots!

Notice the pouty little sandy lips below.  Priceless.

This one was literally the last shoot of the session.  I looked at it on the back of my camera and knew it was the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks for looking and getting to know the Couture family a little better!  I'm sure glad I did!


  1. Amazing family, amazing pictures!

  2. You guys look so happy. The photos are breathtaking, and you are all so beautiful. We miss you and love you!

  3. Makes a Pepere proud