Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Waiting for Baby... Number Five!

Two weeks ago I had the distinct honor of photographing a family of six (Mom and Dad, plus four kids)- with one on the way!  I got to drive much further north than I usually do, and met with this delightful brood in their own (very cool) backyard.  It was a real treat!  My favorite part, beyond taking pictures (of course), was seeing the joy and anticipation on all of their faces as they knew they were SO close to meeting their new little brother or sister.  How refreshing it was to share in this special time with Rich and Marlene and their four adorable children!  One thing is for sure, this family is just bursting with life (and I'm not just making a bad pun).  Take a look for yourself!

Marlene wanted a few shots with the kids around her belly, and I think we got some winners here!  In the shot above, I really wish my camera had sound capture... they were all actually kissing her belly repeatedly, so it sounded like I was photographing a school of hungry little fish.  Very cute!

What a find this red door was!  It's the door to their chicken coop.  Not too glamorous, I guess, but I just couldn't resist those bold colors!

In between shots of Marlene and Rich, the kids were on assignment to get the wiggles out, so they kept me very entertained!  The boys preferred plain old physical play, while the girls read me jokes from their magazine.

A silly shot from the group portraits...  ;)  (I love what the girls are doing!)

Marlene looked completely radiant, so I took the chance to get her away from the hubbub and snag some shots of her alone with her belly.  But I couldn't resist yet another opportunity to get some nice shots of these two alone.  I mean, how could I?  They are so sweet!

Thanks, Marlene and Rich, for letting me in on your busy lives for a couple of hours, and opening your home to me and my camera!  I hope that someday if Daniel and I ever have a house-ful of kids, we are still as much in love as you two are!  :)


  1. Love this photo shoot! You really captured great emotion, as well as come very cool composition. I think the kids kissing her tummy is my favorite :)

  2. Beautiful family. Love the 2 red heads and 2 blonds! What will number 5 be? :) Mom looks ready to deliver any moment! Good job Kathryn in capturing a very loving, fun family.