Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tacoma Newborn Photographer- Baby Elias' Photographic Debut!

Do you remember several months ago when you all met that adorable couple, Jon and Sara Pitroff?  Well, you may recall their beautiful rainy-day photo shoot, which I was so delighted to do for them!  You may be asking yourselves, "I wonder if they've had their baby?"  Well, wait no longer- you are about to meet their precious bundle of boy, Elias Reuben!

Since Sara is a very laid-back mom, it's no surprise to me that our shoot went smoothly.  Elias was a little gentleman, and slept basically the entire time (even though we were moving him, clicking around him, and arranging for him to be kissed... repeatedly).  And I was eager to use my luxurious new fur rug as a prop (thank you, IKEA!).

I could go on and on about how cute Elias is, or about how sweet he was with his Mommy, but I think the pictures say it much better than I ever could.  Take a look!

Babies are amazing creatures; they can sleep while draped over wicker baskets with fur tickling their faces!

Mmmm.... baby feet!

I imagine he's dreaming about flying in this one.  Or about rocking out at a concert.  :)

This one just melts me.  It's my favorite of the bunch.  What tenderness there is between a mother and her son!  And I was lucky enough to capture it on film!  (Well, pixels, technically...)

So, when I saw this one on the back of my camera, I broke a rule of mine and showed it to Sara.  She is completely stunning.  What a hot mom!  ;)

Poor Sara, she had to kiss her baby through almost our entire session!  The shots were just too sweet, so I insisted.  :)  Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting little Elias.  Perhaps you'll see more of him in the future!  Ta-ta!

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