Friday, October 28, 2011

Tacoma Child Photographer- Fall Color Shoot Part 1

Lately I've been taking a LOT of photos- photos of families, photos of babies, photos of kids, photos of flowers... but not so many photos of Milo.  To rectify this sad state of affairs, I decided to make the most of the beautiful fall colors we've been seeing out here and treat Milo (or really... myself) to a Fall Color Photo Shoot.  You see, it's official, because the words are capitalized.  ;)

To that end, my assistant (Daniel) and I trekked out to Wright Park in Tacoma the other night to capture some nice sunset shots of Milo surrounded by the fallen leaves.  We soon realized that the park we had chosen was on the East side of a big hill, and therefore didn't really get a sunset.  Ooops!  (That's why I always scout a location first before I shoot there with a client!)  Oh well- we had a fun time and got some great shots anyway!  I am determined to go back and get more photos, which is why this is only "Part 1."  Take a look below at some of my favorite shots from our outing!

This sweet little antique chair was one of my garage-sale-prop finds this summer. Isn't it perfect?

Milo's still a tad short for the chair, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

This is the point at which Daddy started throwing leaves over him...

... And there you have it!  We are so blessed to have a little model for a son- and I'm glad he's so cooperative and knows how to smile on command!  Thanks for taking a look, and keep your eye out for the next installment of this Fall Color Photo Shoot...  :)

~ Kathryn

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