Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tacoma Child Photographer: The Photo-Play-Date!

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of doing an on-the-fly photo shoot (planned about six hours in advance) with our good friends the Cowans.  (You may recognize these lovely faces from previous photo shoots!)  I had only two goals:  to shoot as many moments as possible of the kids interacting naturally, and to capture that creamy warm light that peeks out just before dusk.  The fact that it was cold (about 45 degrees) only helped matters; I love to use scarves and hats and lots of layers on my models- and all of those cute layers served the practical purpose of keeping the little ones warm for at least the first half hour.  ;)

You'll notice, too, that Milo joined the shoot, which was a big part of the fun for me.  I just love photo shoots that feel more like a play-date than a photography session.

Somebody needed a little mid-session snuggle...  ;)

As I hope you can tell, we had a great time shooting this session!  I couldn't ask for better models than these three beauties and one little handsome boy!  Man, I love what I do.  :)

As always, if you want to see any of the above photos larger, you can just click on the photo.  Thanks for taking a look and make sure to let me know soon if you're interested in booking a session in time for Christmas photos!  (Eeeek- that's coming up quick, isn't it?)

~ Kathryn