Friday, December 30, 2011

Proctor Farmer's Market- Hibernating for the Winter

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel and I decided to make (yet another) change to our diet.  We are going to try to buy as much of our produce as possible from local farmers.  We also want to make sure it's sustainably grown and organic.  Thankfully, we live in an area where the land is rich and produce is plentiful- even in late fall!  Having made up our minds in late November, we found out that there is one farmer's market in Tacoma that runs much longer than the others- the Proctor Farmer's Market.  At the time, we had two weeks left to visit the farmer's market, and we wanted to make the most of it!

Now, you may be wondering what this all has to do with this blog, that is- with my photography.  Well, the first week we went, of course we bought some delicious food, but I was especially struck with how beautiful it all was!  I knew that the following week, I would need to bring my camera.

What you see here is the result of that.  I brought my trusty Norbert (that's the camera's name), and asked permission of some very friendly farmers to photograph their beautiful wares.  This has definitely made me excited for March, when the Farmer's Market opens up again!  It has also inspired me to create a new line of prints and cards, under the title of "Edibles."  I'll be updating this blog, my web site, and my Facebook page as new images are available.

Carrots (Little Eorthe Farm)

Delicata Squash (Zestful Gardens)

Carnival Squash (Zestful Gardens)   

More Carnival Squash (Zestful Gardens)   

Oh, how I wish I remembered the name of the gorgeous pumpkin!  I oohed and ah-ed over it for some time, but I guess that's not helping me to recall its name.  (Zestful Gardens)

Beautiful lettuce, whose name I don't remember!

More squash, of which I cannot recall the name.  (Zestful Gardens)

Potatoes (Zestful Gardens)   
Of course, I didn't attend the farmer's market alone!  I was accompanied by my wonderful husband (whose legs you see on the left below) and my sweet dinosaur boy, Milo.  He loved walking up and down the little Farmer's Market street and flirting with the female farmers.  :)

If you'd like to buy any of these images as prints, you can now order them online from my new "Edibles" gallery

Special thanks go to Little Eorthe Farm and Zestful Gardens for letting me take these photos of their hard-earned crops.  I am excited to go back to the Farmer's Market in the spring and snap some more shots of what's growing on their farms!  And "thank you" to those who are reading this, too.  Let this be inspiration to you to go out and find your local farmer's market and see what beautiful things are growing near you!

~ Kathryn

Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Session of 2011! - Tacoma Family Photographer

Well, folks- this is officially my last photo shoot of 2011!  It's a great feeling to have these shots finalized for this wonderful family just in time for Christmas!  So let's talk about this shoot.

Like most days this fall, our chosen afternoon was both chilly and gray, but this Mom and her three boys were (thankfully) full of energy and enthusiasm for our session.  They willingly (okay, mostly willingly...) went along with my zany ideas for photos, and our shoot definitely benefited from their flexibility.  Working with three boys was a new kind of dynamic for me as far as portraits go, but personally, it was a familiar situation.  Growing up with four brothers- three of them older, I'm familiar with the way brothers interact.  But... it had definitely been a while since I'd seen it firsthand!  Once I realized that all I had to do was keep snapping pictures, I got some golden shots. Take a look for yourself and see how much fun we had taking these photos!

A classic leaf-throwing shot.  How could we pass up this opportunity?

Of course, we did the standard "smiling" family portrait, but I prefer this one: it totally fits them!

These boys were such a crack up.  They had me laughing for most of the shoot.  And they may have been roughhousing almost the entire time, but they couldn't fool me.  These brothers love each other a lot.  :)

Isn't this such a cool building?  It's a church in downtown Tacoma near Wright Park.  I am so glad to have such beautiful man-made structures in this city- in addition to the God-made ones.  ;)

We did a whole series of these with each son kissing his mom on the cheek.  This one, however, just captured my heart.  What a sweet and enthusiastic kiss!

The amazing building you see here is Stadium High School.  I could go on and on about how cool this building is, but I will just give you a link to the history of the school instead.  It was originally built as a hotel that was designed to resemble a French Chateau- way back in 1891.  In 1999, it was used as a major filming location for the teen movie "10 Things I Hate About You."  Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Unfortunately, the breathtakingly scenic athletic field of Stadium High was locked  that day, so we decided to give the boys' football gear shots a little bit of an unorthodox backdrop.  I think they turned out really cool!  The unusual pairing of sports gear with French architecture really draws you in.

They came up with this pose on their own.  Are you impressed?  :)

These solo-portraits were really fun to do.  It took a few shots each to get the giggles out, but once we did, they were giving me pure gold.  I love how each one did his own version of a "serious" face.  

Well, can you see now why we had such a great time?  What a way to end 2011!  Many thanks to this delightful family for putting up with my need to get "just one more shot," and for enduring the cold weather in that windy Stadium courtyard!  You guys were such fun to photograph, and I hope these photos are a blessing to you for years to come!

~ Kathryn

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful Christmas Gift: Fine Art Nature Prints- SALE!

I intended to post this a couple of months ago, but it seems that I got too busy!  Here's the story: In early fall, I found myself on a bit of a hiatus from portraits, so I turned my attention to the growing folder of floral photos I had been setting aside since early summer.  Some of you may know that I have a deep love of floral photography.  But I don't just like your standard "here's the whole flower" shots.  I love to use my macro lens and get right up in the plant's business, if you will.  I especially like it when I am able to make a common flower more intriguing simply by getting closer than it is usually seen.

In the past, many people have asked me if I sell these images as prints, and it was always a bit of a hassle to find a printing house, get them ordered, get them to the client, etc.  Well, thanks to some upgrades of my web site, interested parties can now buy them directly from the gallery, located here.  Just add the photos you love to your cart, choose your sizes and pay with your credit or debit card, like we are all so used to doing.  And, voila!  You have beautiful art to lift your spirits and improve your space!  And did I mention these make really wonderful Christmas gifts?  Well, they do!

Sooo... in honor of this, let's have a little SALE, shall we?

Through the month of December, use the code WINTERFLORA20 for 20% OFF your entire order from my Flora and Fauna Gallery!

So go take a stroll through my gallery (there are over 80 photos to choose from!), and see what strikes your fancy.  I've also posted some of my favorites below as a little preview for those who just can't wait to see.

Daisies- Seattle, WA

Dahlia- Seattle, WA

Bleeding Heart- Seattle, WA

Poppies- Seattle, WA

I forget the name... but they're from Seattle, WA

Baby's Breath- Seattle, WA

Forgot the name- Seattle, WA

Lavender- University Place, WA

Tulips- Skagit Valley, WA

Not sure of the name- University Place, WA

Wild Lupine- Leavenworth, WA

Moss- Olympic National Forest, WA

Tendrils- Seattle, WA

Not sure of the name- Seattle, WA

Not sure of the name- Seattle, WA

Well, thank you all for looking, and for helping support a local artist (that would be me)!  Remember that the 20% off coupon code above is only valid for the month of December, so get your shopping done early!  If you have any questions about any of the prints or are looking for any type of flower or scene that you can't find on my site, please let me know, and I will be happy to help!

~ Kathryn

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Thanksgiving Morning with the Kramers!

I love my work.  I just love it.  Anyone would HAVE to love their work in order to go outside in the windy, drizzly-cold late November weather on- of all days- Thanksgiving.  It helped that I was joined by our good friends, the Kramer Family.  They were with us for just a short visit, and we wanted to make the most of it by getting some good family portraits.

Our chosen location was one of my personal favorites- Chamber's Bay.  The site is built around some "ruins" from an old sand and gravel mine, and is poised right beside the beautiful Puget Sound- with an amazing view of several of the islands.  Unfortunately, we didn't really see much of that gorgeous stuff; we were too busy keeping our heads down to avoid the biting wind.  Our shoot was brief- just 30 minutes- but we were highly motivated by the cold and got several great shots!

One thing was very evident in this shoot- there is a lot of love in this little family!  Of course, being their friend, I already knew that.  But as I've mentioned before, I know I've hit the jackpot with a shoot when that love shows through the pictures as clearly as it does here.  Take a look for yourself and see what you think!  (Click on any photo to see it larger.)

I just love this age!  I can say that because this little lady is just two weeks older than Milo.  The whole world is opening up!

What a beautiful couple!  Am I right?  Yup, I am.  :)

These were a fun little series.  We were between "formal" shots and they were just taking a warm-up break.  These are probably some of my favorite photos ever!  I guess that just goes to show that you never know when a perfect moment will present itself; you just better have your finger on the shutter!

This was the point in the shoot when they were done, and I was still shooting.  Those last few moments always have a sort of candor that you just can't duplicate.  As you can tell, on the technical side of things, it was getting a bit wet and windy out!  Good thing I put my camera away when I did!

There you have it, friends!  This was such a delightful shoot, despite the wind and the cold and the rain.  I was so honored to share these moments with the Kramers and get a little peek into their family life.  Thanks, you guys, for starting out my Thanksgiving on such a joyful note!

~ Kathryn

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer- Audet Family Photos, Vol. 2

"Volume 2?"  You may be asking yourself, "what does that mean?"  Well, some of you may recall this family from way back in 2010 in this post.  I am always delighted to photograph a family as they grow and change- and  no where is this more noticeable than with young children.  This time around, their two little bundles of energy were running, throwing leaves at each other, playing with gravel, and the list goes on!  While this can feel a little tiring sometimes as a photographer trying to just keep up and keep snapping photos, I really do love it.  I love it when the energy of a shot is translated so clearly that you can't miss it.  There are several gems from this shoot in which that very phenomenon happens, and I am so glad!

On the practical side of things, we had this session down at Wright Park in Tacoma, which, for those of you who are out-of-towners, is a beautiful and varied landscape that was established over one hundred years ago.  These are some of my favorite trees in all of Tacoma.  Of course, with a lot of trees come a lot of leaves, which is exactly what we were counting on.  And despite the very chilly November weather, we had a really successful shoot.  By the end, the kids were more like kid-sicles, but hey- we got the photos, and that's what car heaters are for, right...?  Scroll down to see for yourself.  As always, click on the photos to see them in larger form.

Here was a funny one from the all-family shots.  I haven't posted them all, though- wouldn't want to ruin a Christmas picture by sharing it before they do!  

This is definitely one of my favorites from the shoot.  I love it when kids just LOOK at the camera.  No need to make up an expression for me- they're just themselves.

Her brother had just thrown a handful of leaves on her neck, so OF COURSE she felt like yelling about it.  ;)

As I've mentioned elsewhere, this little girl has the most stunning eyes.  So fun to photograph!

Perhaps as a direct result of throwing leaves on his dad, this little rascal got thrown right into a huge pile of leaves.  When I asked him to show me his dirty hands, this (below) was what I got.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect placement of those little thumbs!

And there they went, walking off into the "sunset."  Getting them both in the same shot was a tall order, but it finally worked.  :)

This last little triptych was just a bit of fun with photographic storytelling for me.  I am really enjoying putting photos together to re-create the action lately.  It's a neat tool in my visual "toolbox."
And once again, I had a GREAT time photographing the Audet family.  I can only hope there will be more "volumes" in the future.  Thanks, you guys, for being willing to stand around in the cold for an hour, and for doing it with such style!

~ Kathryn