Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Session of 2011! - Tacoma Family Photographer

Well, folks- this is officially my last photo shoot of 2011!  It's a great feeling to have these shots finalized for this wonderful family just in time for Christmas!  So let's talk about this shoot.

Like most days this fall, our chosen afternoon was both chilly and gray, but this Mom and her three boys were (thankfully) full of energy and enthusiasm for our session.  They willingly (okay, mostly willingly...) went along with my zany ideas for photos, and our shoot definitely benefited from their flexibility.  Working with three boys was a new kind of dynamic for me as far as portraits go, but personally, it was a familiar situation.  Growing up with four brothers- three of them older, I'm familiar with the way brothers interact.  But... it had definitely been a while since I'd seen it firsthand!  Once I realized that all I had to do was keep snapping pictures, I got some golden shots. Take a look for yourself and see how much fun we had taking these photos!

A classic leaf-throwing shot.  How could we pass up this opportunity?

Of course, we did the standard "smiling" family portrait, but I prefer this one: it totally fits them!

These boys were such a crack up.  They had me laughing for most of the shoot.  And they may have been roughhousing almost the entire time, but they couldn't fool me.  These brothers love each other a lot.  :)

Isn't this such a cool building?  It's a church in downtown Tacoma near Wright Park.  I am so glad to have such beautiful man-made structures in this city- in addition to the God-made ones.  ;)

We did a whole series of these with each son kissing his mom on the cheek.  This one, however, just captured my heart.  What a sweet and enthusiastic kiss!

The amazing building you see here is Stadium High School.  I could go on and on about how cool this building is, but I will just give you a link to the history of the school instead.  It was originally built as a hotel that was designed to resemble a French Chateau- way back in 1891.  In 1999, it was used as a major filming location for the teen movie "10 Things I Hate About You."  Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Unfortunately, the breathtakingly scenic athletic field of Stadium High was locked  that day, so we decided to give the boys' football gear shots a little bit of an unorthodox backdrop.  I think they turned out really cool!  The unusual pairing of sports gear with French architecture really draws you in.

They came up with this pose on their own.  Are you impressed?  :)

These solo-portraits were really fun to do.  It took a few shots each to get the giggles out, but once we did, they were giving me pure gold.  I love how each one did his own version of a "serious" face.  

Well, can you see now why we had such a great time?  What a way to end 2011!  Many thanks to this delightful family for putting up with my need to get "just one more shot," and for enduring the cold weather in that windy Stadium courtyard!  You guys were such fun to photograph, and I hope these photos are a blessing to you for years to come!

~ Kathryn

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