Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tacoma Family Photographer: Christmas Portraits with the Brewsters!

It's always a special time for me as a photographer when I get to do a photo shoot with a family I've never worked with before!  This was the case with the Brewsters, whom you are about to meet.  They approached the shoot with a lot of flexibility and energy, which I always appreciate!

Their little model- I mean, daughter- Makaela, was a delight to photograph.  Of the several hundred photos I took, I don't think there was a bad facial expression or awkward look on her face in any of them.  I'm serious.  Most kids require a fair amount of direction, suggestions, distractions, or little tricks to get them to look at the camera (or wherever I want them to) and have a pleasant look on their face.  But I realized within the first couple of minutes of our session that Makaela was the exception to the rule.  The few times that I had to give her any direction, she got it right away, and ran with it!  Take a look at some highlights and see what you think!  (As always, click on a photo to see it larger)

We did this session at Point Defiance- just trekked out on one of the walking trails and looked for interesting spots to shoot.  Man, I love Washington state!

Shooting these photos of Makaela with each of her parents was really special.  It is pretty obvious how loved this girl is!


Our shoot was mostly over when I asked the Brewsters if they minded driving a little further into Point Defiance to find some good autumn leaves for throwing.  They consented, and we got the following fun shots...

... And good times were had by all!  Thanks for peeking in at our shoot, and tune in again next week (or earlier) for highlights from another fun family shoot involving kids and leaves!

~ Kathryn

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