Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing... Capri & Isabel! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

About two weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of doing a newborn shoot for some friends of mine who just welcomed not one but TWO adorable baby girls into the world.  In the weeks leading up to the shoot, I daydreamed about fabrics to use, researched twin portrait techniques, sketched out shot ideas, and called in a favor from a very talented friend of mine who makes beautiful and unique headbands.  It's been one of my most highly-anticipated portrait sessions in recent memory.  So you'd better believe that when I got the "announcement" e-mail, I was practically giddy.

Fast-forward two weeks, and there I was, hauling about five arm-fulls of equipment and props up to the warm, bright room that Amber and Ryan (the blessed parents) and I had decided would be perfect for the girls' first modeling debut.

For the first half of the shoot, Capri (the sweetheart with the grey and white headband) was the sleepy one, giving me plenty of time to take way more photos of her than I really needed.  :)  Isabel (the cutie with the pinkish headband), took a little more convincing to get sleepy enough for the oh-so-peaceful newborn shots I'd been envisioning.  Finally, after a little help from her Mommy, Isabel joined Capri in dreamland and our shoot really started cooking (almost literally, since the room had to be about 85 degrees).

As I look back over them now, I am just so pleased with the shots we got, and I'm honored to have been able to work with such an easygoing family of four (two in front of the camera, two behind the scenes).  Not to mention the incredibly stylish and sophisticated headbands that were hand-made by my good friend and fellow creative person- Lillie, of Flourish by Lillie.  In case you're wondering, most of her headbands are actually for women, not just adorable babies, so go check her out!

All right, well enough of me blabbering about these girls, you might as well look at the photos, right?  Take a gander through the pictures below for some highlights from our shoot, and don't forget to click on any photos that you want to view in larger format.  Have fun!

This was one of those that I dreamed up long in advance.  I only have one of these beautiful antique doll cradles (picked up from a garage sale this summer), but with the magic of modern photography, there are two!  :)

Probably one of my favorites!  Isn't she just so peaceful?

Isabel is hiding in the back there, letting Capri get the limelight...

I love Isabel's "thinker" pose here.  I didn't do too much posing with the girls during the shoot.  I suggested the general poses, but I wanted to avoid having them look like there was no possible way they could have gotten that way on their own.

I like to think they're whispering secrets to each other in this one.

Can't you just tell they're most comfortable when they're cuddled right up to each other?

Isabel relaxing in her luxurious fur-lined cradle.

Isabel's foot.  Detail shots are some of my favorites from newborn sessions.

Toward the end of our shoot, Capri got a little more wakeful, and started making some very cute little faces...

Quite the glamour shot!

And one last shot of Isabel enjoying her cozy little nest!

Well, thanks for joining me for this session wrap-up of a truly wonderful newborn shoot!  Thanks also to Lillie for her gorgeous newborn headbands (see more here).  And especially, I want to thank Capri, Isabel, Ryan, and Amber for letting me intrude on their lives for these three hours and for being such good sports through the whole shoot!

Oh, and one more thing:  This shoot has made me even more excited for the next time I get to do a newborn portrait session!  So if there's anyone out there who's having a baby soon... drop me an e-mail!

~ Kathryn

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowed in! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

For those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, you've likely heard about "Snowpocalypse 2012," also known as... about 6 inches of snow (in Tacoma, at least).  Well, it was our first snow of the year, so it HAD to be a good one.  We here in the Stevens household loved it!

For photographers, snow can be both an opportunity and a challenge.  On the one hand, it's beautiful, it's instant texture, it adds contrast where you want it (coat collars, scarves, hair, eyelashes, mittens, etc.) and it gives a dreamy, far-off look to anything even twenty feet away.  On the other hand, it does melt instantly on the camera and threatens to leave little water droplets on the lens if you're not careful.  Regardless, I was really excited to shoot in the snow yesterday!

My loving husband (who was home from teaching on account of all the snow) helped me bundle up our little marshmallow boy and put himself on "snow rescue" duty so I could wear only the photographer hat (and not the Mommy hat, too) for just a short while.  What ensued was a whole lot of fun, albeit brief.  (We knew we didn't have long with just jeans and leggings on those little legs!)  So take a look, and make sure to check out what happened during the second half of the shoot!

Daddy is such a good teacher!

"What?  I can jump into this stuff?  Cool!"

Milo just looks so pleased with his situation in this one.   It warms my heart.

Processed a few in black and white, just for kicks.  I think they have their own charm that way.

Examining the snow on his mittens...

Once we'd all had enough of the cold and our socks were a bit soggy, we headed into the house, changed into comfy clothes and turned into home-bodies for the day.  Daniel and Milo cuddled up on the couch for some reading time, and I decided to extend the photo shoot a little.  

How could I resist this cute little toddler draped all over Daddy?

Milo's very serious about reading.  Note the knit brow.

Clearly, some of the best parts of a snow day happen indoors!  Thanks for taking a look into our ordinary life here at Camellia, Meet Baby.  Some days I think it's pretty extraordinary, myself.  Which is why I always have a camera handy!

Happy snow days!

~ Kathryn