Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowed in! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

For those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, you've likely heard about "Snowpocalypse 2012," also known as... about 6 inches of snow (in Tacoma, at least).  Well, it was our first snow of the year, so it HAD to be a good one.  We here in the Stevens household loved it!

For photographers, snow can be both an opportunity and a challenge.  On the one hand, it's beautiful, it's instant texture, it adds contrast where you want it (coat collars, scarves, hair, eyelashes, mittens, etc.) and it gives a dreamy, far-off look to anything even twenty feet away.  On the other hand, it does melt instantly on the camera and threatens to leave little water droplets on the lens if you're not careful.  Regardless, I was really excited to shoot in the snow yesterday!

My loving husband (who was home from teaching on account of all the snow) helped me bundle up our little marshmallow boy and put himself on "snow rescue" duty so I could wear only the photographer hat (and not the Mommy hat, too) for just a short while.  What ensued was a whole lot of fun, albeit brief.  (We knew we didn't have long with just jeans and leggings on those little legs!)  So take a look, and make sure to check out what happened during the second half of the shoot!

Daddy is such a good teacher!

"What?  I can jump into this stuff?  Cool!"

Milo just looks so pleased with his situation in this one.   It warms my heart.

Processed a few in black and white, just for kicks.  I think they have their own charm that way.

Examining the snow on his mittens...

Once we'd all had enough of the cold and our socks were a bit soggy, we headed into the house, changed into comfy clothes and turned into home-bodies for the day.  Daniel and Milo cuddled up on the couch for some reading time, and I decided to extend the photo shoot a little.  

How could I resist this cute little toddler draped all over Daddy?

Milo's very serious about reading.  Note the knit brow.

Clearly, some of the best parts of a snow day happen indoors!  Thanks for taking a look into our ordinary life here at Camellia, Meet Baby.  Some days I think it's pretty extraordinary, myself.  Which is why I always have a camera handy!

Happy snow days!

~ Kathryn

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