Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drew is Two! ~ Tacoma Children's Photographer

As I sit down to write this session wrap post, I am amazed at how quickly time is passing!  Wasn't it just a few months ago that I posted about covering little Drew's 1st birthday?  Well, it must have been longer ago than that... because I just finished doing his two year shoot.  Whew!

By now, many of you know my little buddy Drew.  I've been taking his pictures since he was brand new and it's been so fun to see how he has grown.  Even more fun is the fact that Drew is just three months older than my own son, so it's fun to see a little peek into the future every time I photograph Drew and his family.  This time I was determined to get outdoors for our shoot (we have previously done a lot indoors), so we all bundled up and headed down the road to Chambers Bay (one of my favorite shooting locations).  It was gray and chilly and a tad windy, so we knew we were racing the "toddler clock"- that is, hoping to get as many good shots as possible before Drew got too cold and cranky to continue.  :)

Even with the cold weather, we got some great shots.  I made the best possible use of the times that Drew was being held by his Daddy (I'm assuming it was much warmer being held than not!) and even took his close-up portraits that way.  We also included the family dog, PJ, and got some very sweet "candid" shots of the family as Drew's determined and creative Mama pulled out all the stops to make him smile.  Yes, I'd say it was a very good shoot!  Go ahead and take a look...  ;)


Thanks for looking, friends!  I hope this session is proof to you that 45-degree photo shoots can turn out really well!  After all, we've got to make use of these Western Washington springtime days somehow!  :)

~ Kathryn