Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet the Hayman Family! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Do you remember this past fall when I had that big photo shoot giveaway...?

Well, the lucky winner of that shoot was none other than my old college pal, Sarah Hayman!  Since college, she's gotten married, had an adorable little girl, and is now expecting another precious daughter in just under a month!  She and her husband now live a couple hours south of me, so we knew we would need to decide on a good halfway-point to do their session.  Of course, the spot also needed to be beautiful, easily accessible, and open to the public at this time of year- not a small list of requirements!  The location we ended up deciding on was Seaquest State Park, which is quite close to Mount Saint Helens.  In fact, in some of the photos, you can see that beautiful, snow-covered volcano off to the right of the frame in the background.

Sarah and her husband, Phil specifically requested to do their shoot before a certain point in her pregnancy, so when we agreed on a date, we knew there'd be no rescheduling; we were going to have a photo shoot, rain, shine, or thunderstorms!  On the morning of the shoot, the forecast called for rain and clouds, and potential thunderstorms in the afternoon, so I loaded up my car with all the usual props, plus umbrellas, rain boots, blankets, and plenty of towels for potential muddiness.  I'd never done a full-on "rain shoot" before, and I was actually pretty excited to have the chance!

Alas, the weather turned out to be beautiful!  Aww, shucks.  Not a drop of rain fell until we all got back into our cars after the session was over.  Of course, we were all grateful to have good weather, and the shoot was a great success with the partial cloud cover (a photographer's best friend!) and lack of mud.  In fact, the weather and scenery were so nice that I got a little carried away and took many more photos than I usually do.  I couldn't help it- I had the chance to do a family, maternity, and child portrait session all rolled into one!

Take a look for yourself and see what a great time we had!

Gabby gives her baby sister a kiss.

Phil and Sarah were a very sweet couple to photograph.  "Simple and sincere" was the approach I took for the shots of them together.

At least for now, Gabby is a definite Daddy's girl.  It was fun to see their relationship highlighted out in our shoot!

I will give Phil the credit for this adorable shot: the double kiss!

A candid moment- and one of my favorites.

Family hug!  :)

Some people love shots of children looking serious; some people don't.  Depending on the mood, I like them.  What do you think?

Gabby was keeping her eye on me!

The shots above and below are both sweet moments between Gabby and her Daddy.  After sitting at the table for a few minutes between shots, I asked Gabby if she'd like to dance with her Daddy on the table.  You would have thought I'd offered her a lifetime supply of ice cream with the way she jumped on that idea!  :)

Picking flowers for Mommy...  :)

Never underestimate the power of a good prop!  This chair was the perfect piece for our shoot, and I'm so glad we used it!  (It's also helpful for keeping busy toddlers in one place...)

What a little ham.  The camera loved it!

And there you have it!  What a fun shoot it was, and so full of energy with sweet little Gabby running around enjoying her environment!  I hope you've enjoyed perusing these highlight shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to let me know if you liked this post!

~ Kathryn