Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Newest Little Hayman: Naomi Irene! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Last weekend I had the honor of photographing a sweet little 8-day old girl, which is always a treat.  But even more special was the fact that I had so recently shot this family's maternity and family session, which you may remember seeing here.  I consider it a privilege whenever I can photograph a family in that exciting "anticipation" phase of pregnancy, and then again once their baby has arrived!

I made an exception to my usual rule of keeping photo shoots within an hour of Tacoma and drove down to Vancouver for Naomi's session- but it was well worth the drive!  Like many newborns, Naomi was sleepy for about half the shoot, and in her case, that was the second half.  During the wakeful half, I took the opportunity to nab some shots of her eating her hands, yawning, and looking around (some of the favorite pastimes of newborns).  It was during the sleepy half of the shoot that we had a chance to try some of the more involved shots: putting her in the apple basket and the flower pot, for example.  Those were so fun to do!

So, without further ado...  Scroll down for highlights from our shoot and sneak peeks of this beautiful new person in the world!


Well... isn't she a sweetheart??  Yup.  She is.  ;)

Thanks for looking, and have a great week!

~ Kathryn