Sunday, October 14, 2012

At "Home" with Sara, Sean, and Sophie ~ Seattle Family Photographer

As my final photo shoot before putting myself on maternity leave, I had the privilege of working with some members of my very own extended family!  This was a great opportunity to work with a family I already knew well (obviously), but to interact with them in a totally new way.  I've always felt that being a photographer affords me the honor of being able to get to know people in a really special way, and this shoot was no exception!

When Sara and I talked through her desires for the final product of this shoot, she mentioned that she wanted to have the session in her mother's (very cool) custom Seattle home.  A photographer had once photographed her family in the home (many years ago) and she loved the way the personality of the house was captured in the photos.  Since I don't usually shoot indoors for family shoots, I knew this would be a unique session, and I began recalling each room in the house in terms of natural light.  Thankfully, that's something this home has a lot of!  (That- AND personality!)  The end result is that we essentially added a fourth "person" to the session: the house itself!

In my preparations for the shoot, I got more and more excited about this idea of the setting being not just a pretty backdrop, but a "character" in each photo.  With a house as eclectic and beautiful as this one, it was not hard to find interesting locations.  Indoors and outdoors, I hope you'll find the scenery as varied and fun as you're used to seeing in my session wrap posts- and perhaps even more so!

So, what are you waiting for?  Scroll down and take a walk through this very fun photo session- and get to know Sean, Sara, and their adorable little girl, Sophie!

Have you ever noticed how famous people are often photographed in their living rooms?  It does lend itself to a certain elegant style...

Aren't these two cute together?  The camera certainly thinks so!

I loved shooting along these little garden step-paths in the back and side yard.

I wish I could remember what she was doing or saying to them in this one!

And I'll end on one of my favorites from the whole shoot.  What a sweet moment!

As always, thanks for looking, and I hope to be able to post some photos of my own new little one in a few weeks.  We'll see!

~ Kathryn