Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome, Anastasia! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

I hope you all remember my good friends Scott and Kira.  They were the ones with the adorable rainy-day maternity shoot last fall... in case you need a refresher, you can view it here.  Anyway, as we were all buying goodies for our New Year's parties, these two were having a baby!

And that's where little Anastasia comes in.

I had the honor of photographing this sweet little lady at their home earlier this month when she was 5 weeks old.  Normally, I wouldn't consider 5 weeks a "newborn" shoot, but she was sleepy enough for most of our session that I was able to move her around and position her while she dozed, so that worked for me!

It was a joy to me to see Scott and Kira so very much in love with their little girl, and I know that was communicated in the shots I was able to get.  Towards the end of our shoot, Anastasia was growing rather tired of things (and probably annoyed with me, let's be honest), so Mommy and Daddy came to the rescue and held her for a while.  It was such a sweet time that I ended up taking many more photos than usual of the three of them together.  Consequently, these are some of my favorites from our session!

Scroll down and take a peek at Anastasia's "newborn" session- and just see if you don't fall in love with her, too!

Such a happy family!
I can never resist the detail shots.  Swirly baby hair, for example.

Anastasia's glamour shot.  She's already such a little beauty!

Love that sweet little nose!
Can you see the joy she brings them?  What a blessed family they are!

Getting love and snuggles from Mom and Dad.

There are few things sweeter and more peaceful than a sleeping baby.

There now.  Isn't she adorable?  I knew you'd agree.  ;)

~ Kathryn

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A is for Avery! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

My second photo shoot after returning from my own maternity leave was with this adorable little girl, by the name of Avery.  She's just a little bit younger than my own daughter, so I knew that I could expect her to be more wakeful than a newborn, but not quite able to stay happily awake for our entire shoot like an older infant might.  Therein lay my challenge: to photograph this little sweetheart without making her so overtired and crabby that her mommy would have a little terror for the rest of the day.  ;)

Thankfully, Avery gave me three great chunks of prime portrait time, and I took advantage of every moment I could!  She also got a brief visit from her older brother toward the end of our session, so I was glad to capture that as well.

But before I let you look at the highlights from my time with this adorable little girlie, I want to impart something I think all first-time newborn/ infant portrait session parents ought to know: Over half of each session is spent just setting up the shots, getting the baby settled, feeding and/or changing the baby, or just waiting for that sweet little cherub to fall asleep.  And you know what?  I totally expect this.  It is normal, and that's why I set aside 2 hours (and sometimes more) for sessions with little ones.  I think people see these session wrap posts with all the clear-eyed, smiley, sleeping, angelic babies and they imagine that the entire shoot was a blissful series of perfectly-posed shot after shot.  Well, not so, folks.  And now you know.

So, with that in mind... take a look!  :)

Little known fact: This was my first time using a letter in a shot.  I liked it!

Babies have the corner on the market when it comes to wide-eyed wonder.  It never gets old.

I love this photo.  I think it's one of my favorites ever.  I think if this were my own child I would print it on canvas and hang it in my living room.  As I've often told my little ones, they are wonderfully made- down to every last part and participle.  ;)

Looks like she's fallen asleep on her way to a concert.  I love the pouty little lip, too.

This one has a particularly lovely vintage quality.  Like the timeless 1950's baby portrait.

Babies at this age are just discovering all the ways they can move their faces, and I am happy to capture as much of that as I can!

Full of energy, big brother came in for a brief cameo at the end of our shoot, and Avery was quite fixed on him.  There's something very special about sibling shots in which the children are truly interacting with each other (and paying no attention to the camera).

Well, thanks for looking once again, my friends!  I hope this session reminded you of the precious beauty of childhood, and - of course- I hope it made you smile a little, too!

~ Kathryn

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Has 16 Legs and Takes Great Portraits? ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

The answer to that is... this wonderful family of six boys- plus Mom and Dad!

Just days before their departure to Brazil, I had the honor of photographing this fine couple and their six sons down at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.  This is the largest family I've worked with yet, and it was such a great experience!  The boys were energetic and very cooperative, and Doug and Leah (Mom and Dad) were game for all the shots I had in mind: a perfect combination!

The weather was chilly but dry on the day of our shoot, so we bundled them up with fashionable scarves and layers and huddled them together in group shots to conserve warmth.  ;)  Another fun first for me on this particular shoot was that (although I'd been to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge many times) I'd never done a photo session there.  In the "dead" of winter, it can be hard to find a location that still looks interesting and vibrant, but this place definitely fit the bill.  The landscape was varied enough to provide lots of beautiful backdrops,  plus we were able to shoot in front of the "Twin Barns."  Scroll down and you will see what I'm referring to.  They are some of the original structures from the time when this wildlife refuge was a privately owned farm between 1910 and 1950.

But enough of the history; let's get on to the highlights!  Check out some of my favorite photos from our shoot below, and let me know what you think...  ;)

I call this "The Mantlepiece Shot."  It's necessary, but I always try to get it out of the way right at the beginning of a shoot so we can move on to the more fun set-ups...  

Leah and their youngest boy, Roman, watching seals play in the Nisqually River.  It's nice when I can take pictures while my subjects are genuinely distracted.  Gotta love a good location!

Not posed, just captured in the moment..

This little guy loved the camera.  I probably could have put together a whole package of photos of just him.
With young children, I can rarely resist the "tickle shot."  They are always a hoot.

All six boys, lined up by age beside one of the Twin Barns.  Don't you love how they're getting into their poses?

Roman, ready for his close-up beside the barn.  I think it's important to get shots of each child alone.  Especially in such a large family!

A shot I've been meaning to try for a while.  I call it "The Eye of the Storm."  ;)

Another thing I always do during a family shoot is take the time to photograph Mom and Dad alone.  Their love for each other is the foundation of all other relationships within that family.  These are also usually some of my favorite shots from a session.

And there you have it!  My first session after maternity leave and it's the biggest one yet!  Makes me excited for what else is to come this year.  Stay tuned for the next session wrap post, my friends!

~ Kathryn