Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enora's Half-Birthday! ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

One of the biggest perks of being a professional photographer is that my children get to have professional photo shoots at regular intervals.  With Milo, I was a little lax about this.  I did a shoot for him at 3 months, but then not again until he was over 18 months (I am wagging my finger at myself right now)!  But with Enora, despite the fact that I have less free time, I have been more on top of things... at least for now.

In the baby world, hitting the 6-month mark is a big deal.  I'm sure a 6-month-old feels much more legitimately part of their world than, say, a 5-month-old.  As a mom, it is strange and cool to say that I have a 3 year old (in a month) and a 6 month old.  It somehow makes both of my children sound... older.  Of course, it's all a matter of perspective, I know.  In five years, I will think back to Enora's infancy and exclaim, "Was she ever really that small?  Where did the time go?  They grow so fast!" and other such things that parents always say.

So, in an effort to slow down the fence-posts-on-a-freeway pace of my daughter's young life, I gave her a mini photo shoot for her half birthday.  Very magnanimous of me, I know.  (Someday, I hope she will be pleased.)

It was one of those sweet and precious times when the apartment was empty but for Enora and me.  We could dance, cuddle, laugh, talk about fashion... or do a photo shoot.  I opted for the latter.  Realizing that her 6-month "birthday" was just two days away, I dragged out "the good camera," some props, and a throw blanket, and dressed her in one of my favorite of her outfits.  Thankfully, she is a very easy baby to photograph, and pretty much smiles whenever I say "smmiiiiiiiiiiiile" in that ridiculous, syrupy voice that we mothers are (in)famous for using.

So scroll down and take a look at my dear sweet girl.  She is a delightful person, and I hope I've captured her cheerful enthusiasm and openness in these few photos.  Enjoy!

We started out with the links, just to get the juices flowing...

... literally.  Oh yeah, she's teething.  Big time.

But she's still happy about it!

When she makes this face, I see Daniel written all over her.  And that dimple?  It's too much!!

In this one, I imagine her saying, "Gotcha!"

Simple, peaceful, Enora.  Most of the day, she's like this.  Just relaxed and taking everything in.

I have a feeling she will be quite the little ham.  I am very much looking forward to this.

Something tells me she'll be crawling soon...  ;)

Oh my goodness, I just love this girl.  SO MUCH.  Thanks for letting me share her 6-month photos with you!

~ Kathryn 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Before the Boy (Couture Family Maternity Session!) ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

If you know the Couture Family, then you know that they've recently (one week ago, in fact) brought their third child and first boy into the world- and they sure are smitten!  In the weeks leading up to his arrival, I was excited to have the chance to photograph this wonderful family again, and I had a feeling it would be a fun time!

On the day of our shoot, it was lightly raining (of course)- which makes this now my third maternity shoot in a row that has taken place in the rain.  Well, being a veteran rain shooter by now, I figured I'd roll with it, and as long as the kids were all right, we'd make the best of it.  It wasn't until the Coutures arrived that another obstacle presented itself: their youngest daughter had spent a good bit of the morning throwing up.  They even brought a huge bib for her to wear between shots just in case.  But despite the grim report, she looked adorable, and she was present, so we soldiered on.  Maternity photos or bust!

Oh, and it was about 43 degrees.  And windy.

Our first few shots were warm-ups- and I mean that in a very literal sense.  I huddled them close together and did as much as I could with that configuration in an attempt to keep those little girlies warm.  In between photos, everyone was bundled up against the wind and I spent a little while doing solo shots of Mom & Belly .  I will say that this experience reminded me yet again of how amazing the pregnant human body can be; she was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and at one point even did a bare belly shot, and didn't even bat an eye.  Thankfully, the sun came out during that time, and the rest of our shoot seemed considerably warmer!  And- we had not a single vomiting incident!  (Never thought I'd say that about a photo shoot!)

So, without further ado, scroll down and see for yourself how the "magic of the camera" changed this cold, windy, drizzly, shoot into one that actually looks like it could have taken place in July!  ;)  Oh, and of course, check out this adorable family; you're in for a treat!

The first "warm-up" shot.   You've got to hand it to them for enduring the cold so well!

These girls were so excited to meet their little brother!

All hands on the belly!

In a maternity shoot, these are some of my favorite photos: just an expectant, radiant mom, and her soon-to-be-born baby.  It's like there's a private conversation going on, and I get to take pictures.

The one photo in which you can tell she wasn't feeling so hot... but she's still oh-so-cute.

How quickly she changed her tune...  These two just melt me with their cute grins!

For the record, this was their idea...  (Maybe this is a good labor-inducing idea?)

Aren't these two adorable together?  I loved taking these couple-shots.  The love just busts right through the camera!

(collective sigh)  So sweet.  

See?  You would never know it was cold at the start!  And it doesn't hurt that there is so much love and anticipation going on, either.  ;)

~ Kathryn

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Long-Awaited Baptism Shoot! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

For those of you who've been following my blog for a while now, you're in for something new and different with this session wrap post!  Last weekend, I was honored to be asked to photograph the baptism of sweet little Anastasia, the same little cutie you saw in this post after her newborn shoot.  Her parents, Scott and Kira, are good friends of mine and were so excited to have their daughter baptized into the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church!

Never having been to their church myself, I was eager to photograph and be present for this sacred event in Anastasia's life.  Unlike my usual portrait sessions, this was an opportunity to capture life as it was happening- without any input, direction, setting up beforehand, etc.  It was such a fun departure from the norm for me!  My usual considerations (lighting, wardrobe, location, poses) were all taken care of for me, and all I had to do was capture them perfectly as the "show" was rolling... no pressure!

I had such a fun time doing this baptism shoot, and I am looking forward to the next time someone asks me to cover an event.  It doesn't happen often, but photographing Anastasia's baptism reminded me of why I love these occasional departures from my usual work.  Scroll down to see glimpses of the morning and witness (photographically, at least) a blessed and beautiful hour!

Candle light mixed with morning sunlight streaming in through the windows made for some beautiful light sources and ambiance!

Since Anastasia spent most of the time in the arms of her Godmother, this was a special moment she had with both Scott and Kira during the service.

Kira carries Anastasia to the side of the sanctuary, where she'll be disrobed for the actual baptism.

It's almost time!

Anastasia snoozes during the proceedings... blissfully unaware of what's to come!

After the baptism itself, Anastasia was dressed in her beautiful white baptismal gown, and admired by her Mommy and Godmother.

Peeking over the shoulder of her Godmother.  :)

Scott and Kira admire their newly baptized daughter by the window.

Granted Kira is centered, facing the camera straight-on, and there are plenty of distractions in the frame, but I still love this one.  What joy!

Kira comforts Anastasia before the rest of the service begins.  I was glad to be able to capture sweet moments like this one.

Do you remember these sweet little booties?  Hint, you may have seen them here.
You may have noticed that, for a baptism shoot, this post was surprisingly devoid of actual baptism photos.  Well, that's very true.  Since I only advocate baby nakedness in "side" and "behind" shots during newborn shoots, I just couldn't bring myself to post the full frontal baby nudity of the photos I took during the baptism itself.  I suppose you'll just have to imagine that beautiful, noisy, and exhilarating moment for yourselves, or ask her Mom and Dad to see the photos.  :)

~ Kathryn

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Watching Eli Grow: 3 Months ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

Just three short months ago, the population of planet Earth was joined by one lively little boy by the name of Eli Emerson.  While he was still fairly new, I had the pleasure of doing his newborn portraits, and I am thrilled that I will get the opportunity to photographically document Eli's first year, too!  Yup, this little man will have shoots at 3 months (which is what this post is about), 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.  What a lucky kid, right?

On the day of our shoot, we had beautiful sunlight streaming through the windows and Eli was loving all the attention of the goofy grownups around him.  He also seemed mildly amused by the sound of my shutter, so that worked in my favor, too!

Scroll down and check out some highlights from our shoot.  It'll be a great opportunity to get to know this adorable little boy you'll be seeing so much of in the coming year!

Talk about enthusiasm!  Eli has it in spades.  He was so cheerful throughout our shoot, and he gave me such great expressions to work with.

I can never resist a good father-and-son shot, and this was certainly a good one!

Eli's obviously been working out.  Do you see him pulling himself forward by his Mommy's hands?

What a little model...

This edit is unusually dark for me, I will admit.  I love it, though.  I underexposed it on the day, and couldn't bear to change it afterward.  

So, do you want to see more?  Well, you'll have to wait 3 months, sorry.  But I'm betting the time will fly by and before you know it, you'll be seeing just how handsome this little man is at 6 months.  :)

~ Kathryn