Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enora's Half-Birthday! ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

One of the biggest perks of being a professional photographer is that my children get to have professional photo shoots at regular intervals.  With Milo, I was a little lax about this.  I did a shoot for him at 3 months, but then not again until he was over 18 months (I am wagging my finger at myself right now)!  But with Enora, despite the fact that I have less free time, I have been more on top of things... at least for now.

In the baby world, hitting the 6-month mark is a big deal.  I'm sure a 6-month-old feels much more legitimately part of their world than, say, a 5-month-old.  As a mom, it is strange and cool to say that I have a 3 year old (in a month) and a 6 month old.  It somehow makes both of my children sound... older.  Of course, it's all a matter of perspective, I know.  In five years, I will think back to Enora's infancy and exclaim, "Was she ever really that small?  Where did the time go?  They grow so fast!" and other such things that parents always say.

So, in an effort to slow down the fence-posts-on-a-freeway pace of my daughter's young life, I gave her a mini photo shoot for her half birthday.  Very magnanimous of me, I know.  (Someday, I hope she will be pleased.)

It was one of those sweet and precious times when the apartment was empty but for Enora and me.  We could dance, cuddle, laugh, talk about fashion... or do a photo shoot.  I opted for the latter.  Realizing that her 6-month "birthday" was just two days away, I dragged out "the good camera," some props, and a throw blanket, and dressed her in one of my favorite of her outfits.  Thankfully, she is a very easy baby to photograph, and pretty much smiles whenever I say "smmiiiiiiiiiiiile" in that ridiculous, syrupy voice that we mothers are (in)famous for using.

So scroll down and take a look at my dear sweet girl.  She is a delightful person, and I hope I've captured her cheerful enthusiasm and openness in these few photos.  Enjoy!

We started out with the links, just to get the juices flowing...

... literally.  Oh yeah, she's teething.  Big time.

But she's still happy about it!

When she makes this face, I see Daniel written all over her.  And that dimple?  It's too much!!

In this one, I imagine her saying, "Gotcha!"

Simple, peaceful, Enora.  Most of the day, she's like this.  Just relaxed and taking everything in.

I have a feeling she will be quite the little ham.  I am very much looking forward to this.

Something tells me she'll be crawling soon...  ;)

Oh my goodness, I just love this girl.  SO MUCH.  Thanks for letting me share her 6-month photos with you!

~ Kathryn 

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