Friday, May 17, 2013

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

This year for Mother's Day I had the privilege of giving a truly great Mother's Day gift to my own mom: a photo shoot of her with her two adorable grandchildren.  It was such a fun time, and I know it meant a lot to her, which made it all the more rewarding for me!

Our shooting location was none other than my own backyard, and we kept the session very low-key since it was right before nap time.  During Milo's half of the session, I used a new (and perhaps regrettable) prop: dandelions!  They were super fun at the time, and they made for great photos, but I think I may regret teaching him how to spread these weeds around our yard as a recreational activity...

But enough of that; scroll down to take a look at the sweetness that was this Mother's Day photo shoot!  (Hopefully the first of many!)

For those of you who are thinking to yourselves, "Darn!  Why didn't I give my mom a photo shoot for Mother's Day?" don't worry, there is always next year, or a birthday, or Christmas, or Father's Day.  You can always find a good excuse to make lasting memories for your loved ones!  ;)

~ Kathryn

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