Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Watching Eli Grow: 6 Months ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

After his three-month shoot, I promised you more adorable photos of this adorable boy- and here they are!  Eli was handsome (of course) and animated for our session, and I was glad to capture that in his portraits.  He was able to engage even more with the camera this time (which is always a fun development!) and he even took some very dapper tummy-time portraits as well!

One new feature of Eli's 6-month session was being able to shoot outdoors!  Yes, the combination of warmer weather and an older baby made for some very fun outside shots.  And the beautiful location you see below is none other than the Miller's backyard!

All right, I'll quit blabbing so you can check out this cute little man...

One of those "tummy time" shots I was talking about.  He's so engaged with the camera!
I don't usually do detail shots like this one for older babies, but with legs like these, how could I resist?

Again, so engaging.  What a handsome little guy!
Eli was SO over these sunglasses, but I insisted.  See how his Mom is having to hold them on him?  Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Now he has those sunglasses right where he wants 'em!

I don't usually include mom and dad in these sessions, but what can I say?  Sometimes I throw in a bonus.  ;)

Eli has the most hilarious facial expressions.  I'll just say it was VERY hard to narrow them down.

Showing off those pearly whites while relaxin' on his cool chevron blanket.

Whenever I can, I love to catch serious expressions on children.  There's something quite profound about them.

Well, as I mentioned before, Eli has already booked me for mini sessions at 9 and 12 months (smart kid!), so you'll be seeing more of this dapper little dude- don't you worry!  For now, though, you'll just have to stay tuned for all the other fun things that will pop up on my blog in the next three months...

As always, thanks for looking!
~ Kathryn