Friday, September 13, 2013

Katelyn's Huge 8th Grade Grad Shoot! ~ Tacoma Senior Photographer

Earlier this summer I had the exciting opportunity to do a senior shoot (well, actually an 8th grade graduation shoot) for a lovely young lady and nine of her closest friends.  My first thought was, "Ten middle-schoolers in one shoot?  Am I crazy??"  My second thought was, "Yup, I'm just crazy enough to try it!"  I'm glad I went with my second thought.

As with so many shoots in the past, we chose Chambers Bay Golf Course for this session, because I knew we'd need plenty of space, interesting natural landscape, and some beachy shots at the end.  Now all we needed was beautiful weather, a golden sunset, and ten enthusiastic kids.  Thankfully, everything came together for this shoot and we had a great time.  The kids were just energetic enough to keep the shoot fun and lively, but not so energetic that they were unmanageable.  As crazy as it may sound, they were so easy to work with that I might just be willing to take on a shoot this size again someday!  ;)

We spent a solid two hours walking around the ruins of an old sand and gravel quarry, then ended the session on the beach at sunset.  How much more perfect could it have been?  Take a look through some of these highlights and see if you aren't refreshed by the energy and giddiness of these great kids!

Posing ten squirmy middle-schoolers is a challenge only exceeded by posing ten squirmy toddlers.  Thankfully, these kids took it easy on me.  ;)

Don't you love the timing of this random bird?  How unintentionally symbolic!

The guys wanted a couple of their own shots, too, of course.

This shot was their idea, and I love it!  I'm always a fan of spontaneous inspiration during photo shoots.

Katelyn (the "hub" in the center of this group of friends) got some solo portraits by the water during the "golden hour" of our shoot.  You just can't beat that natural backdrop!

What a blessing it was for this beautiful young lady to have a photo shoot that will always remind her of the good friendships she shared during this exciting season of her life!

I know, I know, I'm a portrait photographer.  But sometimes I shoot like a photojournalist.  ;)

These girls needed no direction from me.  ;)

Shooting back-lit against the sunset: not always easy, but always worth it!

And of course, the requisite jumping-in-unison photo.  Perhaps a little overdone, but very cute nonetheless.

Well, I hope you were as refreshed by this portrait session as I was!  What a treat to see these young adults meeting their future with the benefits of enthusiasm and strong friendships.  Cheers to Katelyn, and goodnight, everybody!  :)

~ Kathryn

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