Thursday, October 10, 2013

Watching Eli Grow: 9 Months ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

Well, folks, Eli's back and he's more handsome than ever!  You saw him at three months, then again at six months, and now you get to check in on him at nine months.  As usual with Watch-Me-Grow clients, Eli and I get to hang out and do mini sessions at 3, 6, and 9 months, and we're gearing up for a bigger shoot at twelve months in a few short weeks!

For this session, we actually used my backyard- both for convenience and for a change of scenery.  My son's favorite dump truck proved to be the perfect prop and matched beautifully with Eli's very stylish yellow skinny jeans.  At one point, we even sat (perhaps wedged) Eli into the back of the dump truck and used it as a little seat among the weeds!  Basically, it was a great session, despite the fact that Eli was in a bit of a funk and wasn't giving away any free smiles.  Eli's Mom and I had to work very hard for the smiles we did get, but they were so worth it.  ;)

We finished off the session with a few shots indoors beside some very large picture windows because apparently Eli loves looking out of windows these days.  This is one thing I love about WMG (Watch-Me-Grow) sessions: I get to document the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes that a baby goes through every few months in their first year of life.  Preferences and interests change so quickly at this age that it's an honor to be able to capture what they are interested in- right then.  This was the perfect chance to do just that!

So take a look at some of the highlights from Eli's 9-Month mini session, and see if you don't come away enchanted by this handsome little man...  ;)

Thanks for looking, and watch out for Eli's 12-month shoot later this fall!

~ Kathryn