Monday, February 24, 2014

An Afternoon with the Arbogasts ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

The Arbogasts are another family who happen to be both good friends and occasional clients of mine.  This is a pattern I very much enjoy seeing, because it means I get to watch people grow and help them preserve those memories for themselves and their loved ones.  The last time I did a photo shoot for the Arbogasts was in 2009 (that was before I even had a blog, so I can't show you how young their little ones looked!).  Suffice it to say, it was time.  :)  

Being game for pretty much anything is a wonderful quality in people, and it's definitely a quality the Arbos posses.  Therefore, despite the very chilly October weather, we headed out to a lovely spot called Steilacoom Park (which is somewhat near the Puget Sound) for our session.  I'm happy to report that they did an expert job of putting smiles on their faces in spite of the cold!  In fact, we traipsed all around the park: from old barns with farming equipment to a grassy meadow, and they were very good sports for all of it.

Take a look at the sampling of their shots below and see what I mean!

This tree was meant to be a bench, I think!

One of my favorites... the squish-and-smile shot!

I love the way the branches frame their daughter in this one, and the way her feet are crossed on the branch.

The Mom-and-Dad shot!  :)

As some of you parents might imagine, this sweet pose quickly turned into a headlock...

A little bit of self-conscious body language goes a long way in a photo, and it can make for a very endearing shot!  ;)

Don't you love all that structure and texture?  Very manly, indeed.

What is it that's so perfect about a red and white painted barn?  (And of course, a happy family standing in front of it!)

Can you intuit some family dynamics from this one?  ;)

I really like the combination of a posed portrait and candid expressions.  Just wait long enough and they're sure to show up...

Notice the theme with the brother/ sister shots...  Ha!
Well, there you have it!  I sure am blessed to have such fun friends and clients.  I hope you're all enjoying this fall photo recap I'm doing.  Better late than never, I say!

~ Kathryn

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