Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Meet Caden Ezekiel! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

A few months ago, I had the chance to meet brand-new Caden Ezekiel and his adoring Mom and Dad in their home for his newborn shoot.  Caden was sweet and calm when I arrived, and his parents were laid back, which is always so helpful with newborn sessions!  Like most new babies, Caden kept us on our toes with the constant need for -ahem- backdrop changes, which his parents and I got a lot of entertainment out of.  ;)  This is why I always pack the most stuff for newborn shoots!

As you can see in the shots below, Caden was actually awake and alert for much of our shoot.  Of course, this can depend on a lot of factors, but I always roll with it and use it as an opportunity to capture more shots of those soulful newborn-eyes.  He really was a sweet little guy, and I am glad it came through in his portraits.  Scroll down to see him for yourself!

I love the way newborn boys look like little old men.  It is SO adorable.

I can't resist the detail shots: brand new feet!

Newborn fingers are also particularly important to capture.  They change so fast!

Just look at those wide-open eyes!  He's drinking it all in...

I wish I knew what was going on in his head right then, but he sure seems like he's protesting something!

Holding hands with Mommy and Daddy!

That's one proud Daddy, right there!

Caden was so alert and present during our session.  Here he is locking eyes with his Dad.

Seeing this shoot again reminds me of how much I enjoy photographing newborns.  Granted, it can be the most unpredictable kind of session, but what a privilege to meet (and photograph) a brand new human, and be invited into the home of a still-adjusting family.  It's all such an honor.  Here's to meeting some new humans in 2014!

~ Kathryn

Enora's 9 Month Backyard Mini-Shoot ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

So, I will admit that I am pretty behind on posting the session wrap for Enora's 9-Month portraits.  I'm so behind that I may have already done her 1-year shoot... Where has the time gone??

I'll have to ponder the swift passage of time later, but for now, let's see what my adorable little girlie was up to when she was just nine months old!

When your little lady is mostly bald, it helps to have a very feminine and delicate headband to put on her!

See those little teeth?  It's fun to watch those pop up in photos as the months go by...

Those peepers!  I love the delicate little clover blossom she's playing with in this one, too.

This pair of shots came about when big brother "crashed" the photo shoot.  But honestly, he was so cute in his PJ's and rain boots that I could hardly stop him.  And he was so sweet with her that I just kept on shooting.  ;)

Well, there you have it- short and sweet!  I called it a mini-shoot for a reason, after all.  I hope you enjoyed it!

~ Kathryn

The Camellia Kids Welcome Fall ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

When it comes to photographing my own children, I used to do more "casual" shooting, and not as much "professional" shooting (or editing).  But in the past year and a half since my daughter was born, I've really been trying to change that.  After all, having a photographer for a mom should mean that a child has some great portrait sessions from their growing-up years, but that isn't always the case.  So last fall, when our neighbor's tree dropped its leaves and sun peeked out for a day, I bundled the kids up, gave them each a pumpkin, and wheeled them next door in our radio flyer wagon for a little fall photo shoot.  I planned shots in my mind like I do for my clients, made wardrobe choices intentionally for the photos, and vowed to edit them nicely, no matter how long it took.

The session was brief, and ended with whining (why are my kids always harder to photograph than other people's kids??), but for the majority of the time, it was fun and progressed organically from shot to shot.  We started with the hardest ones, where the kids would have to be sweet with each other and compliant with me.  Having them both in the wagon was a definite bonus, as was weighing them down with huge pumpkins!  ;)

I also got to give each kid a few shots alone, which is important.  They are growing up so fast!  My favorite aspect of this session, though, was the increasingly playful interaction between them.  What a sweet bond they have!  Scroll down to see our fall shoot, and click on individual photos if you want to see them larger.

My boy sure loves his little sister!
Putting leaves on each other: a very fun assignment!

Pumpkin drumming!

This is one that's going on the wall, for sure!

I'm so grateful that they are this close.  It's adorable!

I'd be willing to bet that children have been playing with leaves for millennia!

My little boy is looking older all the time...

Oh my goodness, the drama!

He definitely inherited those dramatic eyebrows from his Daddy.  ;)

Absent-minded lip-pursing.

I hope her eyes stay this blue forever, and I photograph them every chance I get!

I love this face!

Ah, Fall is such a beautiful time of year... but seeing this session actually makes me look forward all the more to Spring.  I'm hoping to keep on doing sessions like this, so stay tuned in 2014!

~ Kathryn

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watching Eli Grow: The 12-Month Shoot! ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

Over the past 12 months, I've been honored to be a regular part of little Eli's life- capturing his adorable personality on "film" as a newborn, 3-Month old, 6-Month old, and 9-Month old.  Wow, what a privilege!  For his 12-Month shoot, we (that being, his parents and I) knew we'd plan for something bigger and more varied.  His mom knew she wanted two locations: Point Defiance Park and a random tree with Christmas lights.  The "Five Mile Drive" at Point Defiance is one of my favorite places in Tacoma.  When I first drove through the park, I felt like I was stepping back into some prehistoric era, and I half expected a brontosaurus to come lumbering across the road.  Even in the first shot here, you can see what I'm talking about, and just look at the height of those sword ferns!  So, of course, I was excited to shoot here.  The only tricky part was waiting for cars to pass, since it's a pretty busy place.

While we were at Point Defiance, we stopped at a few other locations along the way; you pretty much can't go wrong with any little trail or pull-off out there, so that was a lot of fun.  We even found a clearing where the sun cast that perfect golden glow over everything.  And of course, we found plenty of sticks, leaves, etc. to keep things interesting for Eli.

The final shot that I included here was taken on a different day, at dusk, with some vintage Christmas lights in my own backyard.  This was a fun challenge, since the lighting had to be dim enough for the effect to work but bright enough for the shutter to capture a busy toddler's movements.  

Well, anyway, enough of my blabbering!  Take a look at these highlights from Eli's final session of the "Watch Me Grow" package...

I love the scope of this shot.  Click on the photo to see it larger!

Sticks are the original toddler toy, aren't they?

Eli with his Mommy.  (I think he likes her.)  ;)

Leaves!  I can't ever resist a leaves-in-the-air shot with kids.

Such wonderment on his face...

I really enjoy shooting straight into the sun.  This was one of those times that it turned out perfectly.  I especially like his big shadow and how small it makes him look.


Just a casual stroll beside a gorgeous Jurassic Park road.

This one just looks magical.  I love it!

Suffice it to say, this was a fun session, and I have loved my time working with this very fun family.  I'm glad to call them my friends, and I hope they treasure his first year photos for many years to come!

~ Kathryn

Monday, March 3, 2014

Coastal Cowans! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

The Cowans (that is, this lovely family you see below) are some of my most faithful clients.  I have been honored to photograph them for almost five years now, and it's been such fun every time!  Anytime I work with a family that has several children, I like to capture the unique interactions they all have with one another.  Certain siblings interact sweetly, others in a silly way, but they all have their own ways of fitting into the larger family dynamic.  Capturing each child in his or her element is another fun challenge I love about families this size.  

For this particular shoot, which we did last fall, we went down to the waterfront in Old Town/ North Tacoma.  I brought a radio flyer wagon and an antique chair to use as props.  It was a beautiful day, and we had wonderful time!  Scroll down to see for yourself...

The stoic family pose.  (Makes me think of the Adams Family!)

... And giving everyone a chance to talk to each other real quick.  :)

These girls love their Mama!

I'm lovin' the sparkly shoe and the fancy vintage chair.  

This might be my favorite from the whole session.  It's a composite image.  Can you tell?

The "Mom and Dad" shot, which I always love!

Monkeys.  ;)

Oh, this girl- she cracks me up every time we do a shoot!

Lovely mother and daughter.

Can you tell this big brother is protective of his littlest sister?

I've been on a siblings-on-stairs kick, and I think I like it!

Beautiful.  I'm not sure it's possible to take a bad photo of this young lady.

Honest sibling interactions are the BEST.  Even when they are a little silly.  ;)

Tough guys...  ;)

Father and Daughter.  You can't go wrong with this shot!

And that's a wrap!  Looking back over these photos reminds me how blessed I am to have such good friends- AND clients.  :)  As always, thanks for looking!

~ Kathryn