Saturday, September 27, 2014

Baby Elizabeth's Summertime Debut! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Some of you may remember the wonderful family that this sweet little lady belongs to from previous posts of mine.  They were the winners of my free photo shoot giveaway, and then I had the privilege of doing newborn portraits for their second baby girl, too.  This time, I was able to photograph their third little one in the comfort of my own home (and backyard), which was great!

Unlike in most "new baby" shoots, little Elizabeth was about a month old for our session.  At first, I was worried that she wouldn't sleep for much of the session, since that "newborn sleepiness" phase really drops after the two week mark.  But she (with the help of her Mama) totally exceeded my expectations and actually slept quite a lot, as you will see!

As far as session details are concerned, we had great luck with two different baskets and several throw blankets.  She was very cozy (and quite portable) in the larger basket with the handle, so we used it a lot.  And I couldn't have chosen a better week for this session in terms of our outdoor backdrop.  In my front yard, both the (red) Flanders Poppies and the (yellow) California Golden Poppies were blooming, which made lovely splotches of color behind my lovely little subject.

One of the few "awake" shots of this little lady.  She was quite content.

Even when babies are fussing or needing a break from the more formal set-up of our photo shoot, I never put my camera down.  It's a habit that has allowed me to catch so many sweet, candid moments like these over the years!

Oh my, this is enchanting isn't it?  Adorable baby smile PLUS cheerful flowers?

What a perfect little face.

Believe it or not, this huge clump of poppies had been naturally growing this way for weeks- with a big empty space in the center.  Obviously, a big empty space just waiting to be filled by a sleeping baby in a basket.

As always, thanks so much for reading and looking and (where applicable) sharing the link to this post with your friends.  It was such a pleasure catching up with baby Elizabeth and her Mama, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing the adorable photos that came from our sunny summertime portrait session.  See you next time!

~ Kathryn