Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bon Voyage to the Coutures! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

This family portrait session was bittersweet for me.  The Couture Family, as you may recall, has been a regular fixture of my blog since 2011, when they moved to Tacoma.  I still remember meeting Toni as we sat in the church nursery with our babies, and finding out that she and her husband were looking for a photographer.  Someone else in the room piped up, "Kathryn's a photographer!" and the rest, as they say, is history.  From our first session way back in the late summer of that year, I knew that this was going to be a special relationship.  Because of that photo shoot, I had the opportunity to get to know the Coutures when they were still just putting down roots in the community.  Toni and I became good friends, and our families became friends, too!

Over the years, I was honored to do maternity photos for them, Christmas photos each fall, and a sweet at-home family shoot when their youngest made his debut.  But as fun as it has been to be their family photographer while they were here, it was even better to be their friend.  They are such a lovely family, so full of life and love and exuberance.  The love, and fun, and silliness you see in the photos below is perfectly descriptive of their family, and it's all genuine.  For those of you reading this from the East Coast, I hope you're enjoying your time with these wonderful folks, because Washington is certainly missing them!

Parents, don't you just love it when you can have a romantic moment with your spouse while your children leap around you tossing flower petals and behaving like little angels?  Well, all I can say is...  I have photographic evidence here that it's happened!  ;)

Ah, what a handsome couple!

This photo is proof that sometimes the laughing photos are better than the smiling ones!

I think I had my camera set to "capture personality" on this one.

If I recall correctly, this was her reaction when asked if she was excited to go to Disneyland...

It was so hard choosing the best of these dancing photos.  These girls know how to move!

These last two photos happened right after this little guy handed his sister a flower to help cheer her up.  What a sweet sibling bond!

So, the Coutures are pretty great, am I right?  Here's hoping they find themselves back in Tacoma and back in front my lens someday!

~ Kathryn

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