Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunny Session with the Fishers ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

When it comes to photo shoots with very young children, it's a pretty rare occasion that a little tyke will stay happy for the entire hour (or two hour) long session.  In fact, I am trying now to recall if it's ever happened before...

Well, that all changed this past August when I spent the afternoon with the Fisher Family at Charlotte's Blueberry Park down here in Tacoma.  The day was beautiful, bursting with sunshine, and their little boy, Jack, had a sunny disposition to match.  According to his parents, this is how he is pretty much all the time (genetic jackpot!).  As you can imagine, this only made my job easier, and our shoot went swimmingly, and pretty quickly.

We wandered through a little orchard area with dappled sunlight and low trees, then spent a little bit of time picking blueberries in the main area of the park.  Perhaps the built-in snacks helped with the great moods?  Either way, I have nothing to complain about, and only wonderful things to say about Jack and his parents.  It was a joy to photograph them, and the love they share as a family was evident in every photo.  I can't ask for better than that!

I love props with a story.  This chair was given to me by my neighbor.  It was her husband's chair as a boy- handmade in 1911!

True love!  This one melts my heart.

I love using books as props- especially the classics!

Jack was enamored with this old basin.  He wanted to stay in it long after I was done with this pose.  Then he wanted to drag it around behind him and keep his stuffed friend in it.  It was so funny!

That expression!  He's going to be a heart-breaker, and a comedian, probably.  ;)

I love capturing those moments of spontaneous, goofy interaction between parents and their kids.  Parents don't get to see themselves doing that, so it's a great image to preserve.

This one is so sweet.  I think Jack's Daddy was either nuzzling or sniffing his head back there.  ;)

Father/ Son blueberry time.  This is one blessed little guy!

Well, I hope you enjoyed perusing these adorable photos as much as I enjoyed staring at them for the past week while editing them!  ;)  Stay tuned for another cute family shoot in the next two weeks...

~ Kathryn

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