Thursday, January 15, 2015

Archibald & Camille: 7 Years Down, Many More to Go! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

First of all, allow me to let you in on a little secret: Archibald and Camille are my husband and me.  You see, back when we were dating, we figured (probably annoyingly) that our first names weren't nearly as romantic and classic sounding as our middle names.  So, in the hundreds of love notes we exchanged, we went by these very clever code names.  For the sake of nostalgia, I have used those names in the title of this post.  

So here we were this past summer, 7 years married, with two kids, wondering why we hadn't had any portraits taken as a couple since our wedding day eons ago.  (Probably because I am a photographer, and I find the idea of relinquishing creative control to someone other than myself... difficult.)  But, thanks to my husband's brilliant problem solving, our good friend Lillie came into the picture (well, figuratively).  Thankfully for me, when presented with my pleading for a warm body with a working shutter finger and a creative eye, she was willing to help us out!  Way to be a good sport, Lillie!

We chose a warm, slightly overcast day in June and used our backyard and the beautiful vintage armchair that usually lives in our formal living room.  (At one point, a rose and a chicken were also employed as props.)  The experience of being on the other side of the camera was funny, awkward, and humbling- a helpful exercise all by itself!  (Most of my clients are unsure how to act when the camera is pointed at them, and now I can relate a little more honestly with that reaction!)  But, silliness aside (that really came through in the photos, didn't it?), I am SO grateful we had these photos taken.  As I was editing them, I was reminded all over again of how much I love my husband, and how good of friends we are.  I love his romantic, playful spirit and his strength.  I love spending time with him- no matter what kind of mood we're both in or what kind of day we've had.

I know many couples don't have the luxury of having photo shoots after their weddings, but I hope we keep up this tradition.  Maybe, a photo shoot every 7 years?  (Lillie, are you in?)  ;)

I had to include this one, even though my husband is holding some other chick.  ;)

Well, thanks for looking, everyone!  While it feels odd to share a photo shoot of myself, I'm hoping this is not only a cute pick-me-up for your day, but a reminder to take photos with your spouse!  You'll be glad that you did- and you'll probably have some fun, too.  ;)

~ Kathryn

Friday, January 2, 2015

Eli's Fantastic Hobbit Mini-Shoot ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

(First of all, I would like to say that, yes, both of those puns in the title of this post are intended.  Thank you.)

When my friend Lillie filled me in on her plans of dressing her adorable, blonde, curly-haired son up as a hobbit for Halloween this past year, I was equal parts excited and jealous (why couldn't my children bear a natural resemblance to Samwise Gamgee??).  Like any photographer who is also a nerdy fan of The Lord of the Rings, I offered to do a photo shoot of him in a Middle-Earth-ish setting.  Naturally, she agreed.

What you see below is what happens when two moms who might have had a little too much time on their hands (or might be a little too enthusiastic about the works of J.R.R. Tolkien to put their priorities straight) join forces in fan-dom to merge fantasy literature and a park outing with a toddler.  I am so pleased with the end result that I am sharing all 13 of the photos here.  (I usually just do a sampling in the blog post.)

I am hoping that as a result of Eli's totally cool Hobbit photo shoot, my inbox will be flooded with requests next October to do more Halloween costume-themed mini-sessions!  Because seriously, what is more fun than chasing a toddler around a park with a camera?

And what could be cuter than a giddy toddler?  A giddy toddler in a Halloween costume.

You're welcome.

Do you see how he's got his thumb and fore-finger in his little vest pocket?  Perhaps he has a Ring of Power in there?...

Well, I hope you're all inspired to go read some fantasy/ sci-fi.  Or perhaps to find a walking stick, throw on a cloak of invisibility and take the long, perilous road to Mordor (or some other, more desirable destination).  Either way, thanks for looking!

~ Kathryn