Monday, March 2, 2015

Fall Fun with the Stevens Kids ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

Last fall, I hauled my two adorable children over to our neighbor's house (with her permission, of course) for what has become their annual tradition: playing in the leaves while I feverishly photograph them.  In other words, it was time for their fall photo shoot.

Unlike last year, this time around Milo and Nora were able to run around and play together- not just near each other.  This was a decidedly more active shoot than our previous outing.  With that slightly different dynamic, I was able to capture a refreshingly genuine sampling of their daily interactions.  They were so intent on interacting with each other that it was at times... problematic.  But, sibling skirmishes aside, we had a lovely time.

After about an hour, they were thoroughly spent, as was I.   Thankfully, we didn't have far to go, and a nice warm lunch and nap were waiting for them.  ;)

This face, those eyes!  I can't get enough.

Uh-oh... someone teased her brother!

Milo was such a good sport to let his little sister turn the tables on him.

Silly boy.  :)

What a handsome little man!  This picture caught me while I was editing.  I got a little tiny glimpse of what he might look like when he's older.

He's a good big brother, letting his sister climb all over him.  

These two are such goofballs together!
They were having some kind of serious conversation in this one...
Off went the hat, and on went the leaves!

Don't you just love that carefree abandon of youth?

These two love each other so much; it does a mama's heart worlds of good.  As I worked on these photos, I thought of all the years ahead of them, and all of the memories they are so blessed to be making together now as children.  I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I have!

~ Kathryn