Friday, June 19, 2015

Catching Up with Eli ~ Tacoma Child Photographer

My last official photo shoot before taking "maternity leave" this pregnancy was a mini session for one of my favorite little people around.  That's right, it's that handsome little fella named Eli.  Some of you may remember him from previous posts- especially his famous Hobbit Mini Session last fall.  This time, we actually used the same location (albeit a different season), and- once again- it worked out beautifully.  I really can't say enough good things about Tacoma's Blueberry Park.  The only prop we used was brought by Eli's resourceful garage-saling Mama: a Radio Flyer tricycle.  As often happens with 2-year-olds, Eli decided he wanted nothing to do with said tricycle after the first three minutes of riding it.  Thankfully, I got one shot of him riding it to our shoot location while he was still happy.  (Phew!)

There were several other highlights to our mini session, not least of which were Eli's unmatched enthusiasm for running through the blueberry bushes to avoid my camera, and his very sassy facial expressions.  Both played a key role in the shoot, and I am sure you'll notice plenty of evidence of these factors below!

Such attitude!

What is it that's so adorable about a toddler running?  That's boundless energy, right there.

Dandelions make excellent props.

THIS is what happened when we tried to sit him on the trike against his will.  Thankfully, Eli's Mom is a good sport and values having photos of ALL of her son's faces...  ;)

And now, for the creepy shot...  (or, "Eli channels his inner Helena Bonham Carter")

You can't catch me!

Well, there you have it- just a sampling of the cuteness that is Eli at 2 1/2 years old.  He is such a charming little guy, and I am grateful to be his friend and photographer!  See you next time!

~ Kathryn

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