Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hanging With the Haymans, 2015 Edition ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Some of you may remember the family who won my Family Photo Shoot giveaway back in 2012.  At the time, they had one daughter and another on the way, and they were full of excitement for the future.  It was such fun photographing them, and reconnecting with them since college (we had been fellow classmates back in Chicago!).  Since then, I've done two new baby shoots for these wonderful people (despite the three hours of distance between their home and mine), and have been so blessed by their continued patronage of my work.  If you were doing the math a moment ago, you might guess that this group now numbers five, which prompted them to contact me again for an updated family photo shoot (Hooray!).

The Hayman family, with their three adorable daughters, drove all the way up to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge for our session- which was a huge help to me, since I did the shoot while 8 months pregnant.  It was so sweet for me, as their photographer, to have seen two of their daughters as little babies, and to interact with them again now that they are older.  I am expecting another daughter myself, and I hope my girls are as endearingly affectionate with each other as these three lively ladies were!

So without any further ado, I will let you scroll through and see what I find so beautiful about the Haymans.  Some of my favorite moments to capture are the unscripted, unprompted gestures of love between parents and children, siblings, and spouses- and you'll find all of those here!  They are truly a delight to photograph, and I look forward to getting that opportunity again in the future!

Make sure to click on this one to see it bigger.  It's very sweet!

Holding three daughters at one time?  What a dad!

My favorite part of a posed portrait is the bit at the end when I ask them NOT to look at me, but instead to interact with each other.  It's always gold, and this one doesn't disappoint.

This photo almost didn't make the final cut.  After all, she's placed in a distracting spot on the edge of the building, her feet are cut off, and her hair is in her face.  Buuuuut... I couldn't deny the charm of that genuinely giddy smile- despite all of the technical strikes against this shot.  In the end, I am glad I kept it!

Getting these three ladies to ALL look in the same direction, with smiles, at the SAME time, at this point in the session was just about impossible.  

Ah, the things we do to make our children smile...  :)

I'm always glad to make some time for just Mom and Dad to have a photo to themselves.

Sisterly love!  (Totally unprompted, might I add.  This was going on behind me while I took the photo above.  Thankfully, their parents alerted me to the cuteness and I managed to capture it before it turned into a disjointed pile of girls.)

Thanks again for looking and enjoying the Hayman family right along with me.  With my own baby due any day now, my blog is looking sparse for the summer, but I will share any photographic loveliness that comes my way.  Have a great night!

~ Kathryn

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