Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chaz at Chambers Bay ~ Tacoma Senior Photographer

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting and working with Chaz, a senior who was hoping for senior photos that looked good and matched his laid-back style- nothing too fancy.  Despite the fact that when his Mom first called me, I made the mistake of talking to her while chopping vegetables, and I ended up chopping my thumb instead, we booked our session for a beautiful clear day in October.  Apparently that little incident didn't deter her.  (I like clients who don't scare too easily- ha!)

We chose one of my all-time favorite locations, Chambers Bay in University Place, and the weather was lovely!  It was a little brisk, but the sky and the sun were perfect.  Chaz has a great sense of style and was a good sport, enduring all my crazy ideas for photos, including standing atop a really large stump on the beach.

Scroll down and take a look for yourself!

He's ready for his modeling career, right?  Can't beat the industrial-cool look of 70 year-old concrete against a snazzy shirt and sweater.

Chaz has a great natural smile, which I really appreciated!

The sunlight over this grassy hill was just beautiful.

We ventured down to the waterfront for some shots, too.  Lot's of interesting driftwood to choose from for framing.

Skipping rocks.  Doesn't matter if you're 18 months or 18 years, it still makes for a fun photo!

This was one of my crazy ideas.  But he pulled it off so well!

Well, thanks for looking, everybody!  I was glad to meet and work with Chaz, and now you've met him (sort of), too!  He's definitely got great things ahead of him, and I hope he and his family treasure these portraits long after he's graduated!

~ Kathryn

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