Monday, November 9, 2015

Raining Blessings, Pouring Blessings ~ Tacoma Family & Newborn Photographer

As I drove down the freeway to photograph this lovely family in their home, and the clouds grew darker and darker, I was grateful that most of our session was set to be shot indoors.  Rain is usually the enemy of a photo shoot.  But sometimes, it forces more creativity and provides a touch of extra personality to the photos.  And in the Pacific Northwest, it's really just a fact of life.  It should have come as no surprise to me, then, that the rain ended up featuring nicely in our shoot.  From rain puddles and wet umbrellas to post-rain sun breaks and a saturated landscape, the weather left its own special mark on our morning, and I'm glad that it did!

My session with this family of five was part newborn shoot, part family shoot, so we started indoors with the newest member of the family, sweet little Ezra.  He was a great baby, and gave me a good mix of awake and asleep shots- even letting me arrange him in this vintage blue nightcase (which I'd been eager to use in a newborn session for months!).  By the time he needed a bit of a break, the timing was perfect for some shots of him being comforted by his Krista and Nicholas (a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy).  I always love these photos, because they are candid, but utterly predictable when photographing newborns, and they capture the essence of life in those early, hazy days.

As strange as it may sound, arranging group photos with the whole family is easier with a new baby in the picture (pun intended).  Babies are a sweet and interesting focal point- not just for the camera, but for siblings and Mom and Dad, too!  When Ezra's two big brothers got a little squirmy, all I had to do was ask them to look at their new baby brother, or give him a kiss, and they gave me pure photographic gold.  (Scroll down and you'll see what I mean!)

The last part of our session was spent outdoors with Dad and the two older boys, Judah and Gideon.  The rain had let up, and the sun was breaking through.  I've noticed the sun always seems brightest right after a hard rain- probably because it's reflecting on all the puddles and droplets that have just been left everywhere.  The same was true on this day, as we walked down a little nature trail near their house.  The boys were full of energy and adorable smiles, and were very willing to follow my instructions to pick up sticks and leaves, and jump in puddles (of course!).

Take a look through the photos below and meet this beautiful family, on this beautiful rainy day!  (Oh, and be sure to click on the photos to see them larger in a slideshow!)

Look at those sweet baby feet, held just so...

The vintage night case!  My little old neighbor lady would be pleased, I think.  ;)

Baby fingers!  I love baby-landscapes.  :)

I love capturing these Mom & Dad "couple" moments.

Cheer up little man, you're in good hands.

See what I mean about that gorgeous light?

One of my faves.  So full of wonder!

Who could resist?

Brothers.  They look so proud!

A little candid shot.  What a blessed Mama to have such sweet boys!

Everybody loves a baby!  :)

Aren't they wonderful?  And just think of all the fun this family has coming up, with three wonderful boys to love and raise.  Keep up the good work, you guys!  Thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more lovely sessions coming up!

~ Kathryn

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