Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Take Pictures of Boring, Important, Quiet Stuff ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Hey Folks,

I don't usually write personal blog posts, but I was compelled not only to write this down, but to share it.  I am a typically private person, so it's a little weird for me to post even the most tasteful breastfeeding portrait.  That being said, I thought it was worth it to encourage other parents out there to take photos of themselves interacting with their children in the mundane moments- the ones you don't often think about in one season of life, but miss terribly in another season.

Last night was the first night in my baby girl's 5 months of life that I didn't go in and nurse her in the middle of the night before I slipped off to bed.  (We call this the "dream feed" because babies usually sleep right through it.)  Over the past few weeks, when I would go into her room in those wee hours, she would get more and more squirmy, irritable, and seemingly annoyed at the interruption in her sleep.  So, two weeks ago, I asked my husband to come down there with me and take photos of me nursing our daughter, so I could remember those sweet times later, once they were behind us.  I am SO, SO, SO, glad that I thought to do that.

When, two nights ago, my daughter woke up entirely and began looking around during the "dream feed," I knew those times were officially over.  I came upstairs after laying her down and told my husband, "Well, I think that was the last nighttime feeding."  It would appear that (barring sickness, or teething, or nightmares) I was right.  I am a person who really likes having my nights to myself, so I was surprised at how sad I felt about the end of that little era.  Most of the time, when we have "lasts" with our children, we don't realize it until afterward.  That's why I consider myself so blessed to have the photos that you'll see below.  I was so busy moving on to the next thing, the next phase, etc. with my older children, that I didn't really savor these quiet, mundane moments with them.  People savor and remember moments in all kinds of ways- journaling, keeping mementos, scrapbooking, and more.  But my way of capturing moments and seasons is (as you might guess) to take photos of them.

I am so grateful to my husband for being willing to take these photos for me and for our daughter.  I know I will treasure them for years to come.  And for all those nights that I wished I didn't have to interrupt whatever I was doing to go downstairs and nurse this little baby- I am glad for the glimmer of foresight I got that one night two weeks ago, to document this mundane, quiet, boring, sweet, beautiful, dreamy ritual we called the dream feed.  I hope that (whatever that ritual is for you) you can go out and do the same!

She makes me smile!

I love to kiss my babies' fingers.  <3 td="">

I love this view.  My husband looked pretty silly standing tall behind me, arms outstretched, to catch it.  :)

Thanks for reading my possibly sappy thoughts and looking at Junie's and my sweet nursing portraits, everyone.  Now, go capture some memories of your own!

~ Kathryn


  1. I think my favorite is the fourth picture from the top. It reminds me of my feelings of way back when and I love the picture captured with you holding Junia's hand to your face as you look at hers.
    It is wonderful that you were able to capture these moments with the help of Daniel. They are are you my beautiful daughter.