Sunday, December 27, 2015

Downtown Cowans ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

When my faithful friends and frequent clients, the Cowan family, wanted to do a mini photo session this past fall, all of the usual locations went through my mind.  As many of you are probably aware, I usually do photo shoots in natural locations, so when their oldest daughter suggested that we do their session in downtown Tacoma, I was really excited for the change of scenery!

We started outdoors at the beautiful white Spanish Steps, then walked up to Opera Alley, which I had never actually been to before (shame, shame!).  The brick buildings and colorful doors and windows gave us many more options than we could even have chosen.  The low-light photos you'll see below were taken in the B Sharp Coffee House, in their original back rooms.  What a score that was!

I am definitely going to need to go back Downtown in the future for another shoot, and hopefully discover even more hidden gems like these!  But for now, scroll down and take a look at the lovely Cowan family, in all their hip, downtowny coolness.  ;)

Sisters!  I do love these girls.  :)

This was Opera Alley.  Such beautiful geometric architectural elements!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't laughing as I took these shots.

A noisy photo with my ISO cranked super high... but sometimes the emotion of a shot compensates for technical details.

These siblings crack me up!  They're a very serious bunch, as you can plainly see...

And on that note, I will bid you all a fond goodnight!  Thanks for looking, and a BIG thank you to Breah for all of her on-the-spot posing and location ideas!

~ Kathryn 

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Millers at Blueberry Park (back and better than ever!) ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

After my last session AND the session before that with the Miller family, I would not have thought I'd ever be able to take more enchanting, lovely, genuinely beautiful photos of them.  (This is just as much a reflection of their love for each other and easygoing personalities as it is of my skills as a photographer.)  They are simply so wonderful to photograph, and we've had such gorgeous locations, that I just didn't think the previous shoots could be topped.  Until...

Last month, these dear friends of mine met up with my camera and I at one of my favorite locations- Blueberry Park, in Tacoma.  At this time of year, the park (comprised of 5 acres of huge blueberry bushes) is aflame with red, orange, and yellow leaves.  It was also perhaps the sunniest day I've seen there, and the combination of these two factors made for a truly vibrant photo shoot.  During the middle of our session, I recall saying to them, "You know, usually, I enhance colors a little bit in the editing process, but I think I may have to actually tone these colors down so they're not distracting!"

The only thing more captivating than the colors that afternoon was the obvious love and tenderness shared by this family.  I am honored to know them not only as clients, but as longtime friends, and I think that familiarity really shows.  I always hope for families to feel comfortable and unencumbered around me (which is difficult when a camera is around, I know!).  But the Millers are a family who really does seem to forget the camera is there and just interact totally naturally with each other.  I am honored that they trust me enough to be real around me (and my camera), and I know they benefit just as much as I do from the result!

Take a look through some of the highlights of our session below and you'll see what I mean.  (It doesn't hurt that by now the Millers have a keen sense of what to wear and what props to bring along- those books, the doll, the splashes of red in their outfits against the fall leaves- oh my!)  Beautiful!

I always love the parents-in-background shot.  This is how it is, am I right?!

This was a shot I almost left out.  But each time I passed it, the movement and the light in her hair just captured me.  Our kids are so often moving, running, playing.  I'm so grateful that cameras can stop time.

Last minute wardrobe change,  I approve!

Brains and beauty.  This girl is a double-threat!  ;)

When the artsy detail-shot presents itself, I go for it!

These two!  Just stunning.  

This little lady started tiring out before we grown-ups did.  But her sweet tiredness made for some really adorable shots.

This photo is one of my all-time favorites.  There's nothing like the stoic American cowboy tenderly holding his little girl.

One of the last photos we took, and a beautiful parting shot.  This photo looked basically like this straight out of camera.  Talk about some amazing light!

See what I mean?  I just can't wait to see what the future holds for this enchanting family and their future photo shoots!

See you next time!
~ Kathryn