Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunset Session with the Dicksons ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

It's always a delight for me when I get called to photograph a family again after their first session.  I get to see children grow older, couples grow closer, and the photos just seem to get better and better because we're all more familiar with each other.  Such was the case with the Dickson family this past November.

My last session with them was about the same time of year at Point Defiance Park, right here in Tacoma.  This time, we changed locations and opted for some beautiful rocky beaches and wide open spaces, not to mention cool old concrete ruins: Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place.  (For clarification, the area where we were shooting was in a recreational park right next to the golf course, but still owned by the golf course.)

Besides being a little chilly, it was a perfect day for a photo shoot!  The air was just crisp enough to make people huddle closer together and give their cheeks a little natural rouge- all good things for photos!  The only bummer was that their young son was sporting a very sore nose (that's what Photoshop is for, am I right?), and he was a bit cold at the beginning.  But once we got going, the session seemed to have a momentum of its own.  And once the sun was setting and we were down by the water, the beautiful rosy light really ended the shoot on a high note.  I could not have asked for better lighting.

That being said, my favorite part of this session was the short time that we were perched up on a grassy hill just up from the water, taking very sweet and casual family portraits.  This little guy was just delighting his parents with his cute little antics and sweet wonderment with such things as a twig, a bird in the sky, etc.  You can see the love on their faces, and I didn't have to ask them to do any of that.  I love when I can just tell people to interact naturally, and they give me gold.

This is a good context shot.  Isn't Chambers Bay cool?

Handsome little guy.  Cold and under the weather, but handsome.  :)

Birds are always good for a shot like this.  I'm sure one of these days I'll catch someone getting pooped on, but for now, it's cute!

I just love the looks on their faces in this one.

I'm a sucker for the Mother-Son shots...

I love taking photos of Moms & Dads without the kids.  Time alone is rare.  Pictures alone can be even rarer!

And some gorgeous sunlight and a cute boy to end the session!

Stunning, right?  Thanks for looking, everybody, and stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!

~ Kathryn

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