Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome Baby Rosie! ~ Tacoma Newborn Photographer

It is my great honor to introduce you, dear blog-readers, to a very sweet, very well-loved, and absolutely adorable little girl by the equally adorable name of Rosie.  You might remember seeing her parents' maternity shoot a few weeks ago.  Isn't it neat to think that this lovely little person was in there the whole time, just waiting to make her debut on the outside world?  Ah, what a miracle life is.  :)

Anyway, I , for one, was really excited to meet her.  I think Rosie's newborn shoot takes the prize for "most stuff in my car."  Not only did I pack all of my typical equipment, but I also brought extra throws, extra blankets, extra props, AND THEN I stopped by Hobby Lobby for more baskets on my way to the shoot.  (Doing this all with a 3 year old and an 11 month-old in tow was probably one of my crazier ideas.)  Of course, it all turned out very well.  With each "set," Rosie waited until I had at least gotten a few good shots before she peed on things, which I think was pretty decent of her.  She even gave me some delightfully sleepy periods, some sleep smiles, a yawn, and (of course) she elicited expressions of pure joy from her parents- which always looks great on camera.

As always with the Turner family, I left the session feeling grateful to be a part of their lives, grateful to be trusted with the job of capturing such precious memories on camera, and (this time, specifically), grateful to watch my good friends entering this new and exciting world of parenthood.  I already know they're going to do an amazing job (they already are doing an amazing job), and Rosie is blessed to have them.  I know they say the same of her.  :)

(Pssst... you can click on the individual photos to see them larger.  Do it!)

Don't you just love that little newborn-sized tutu?  Her Mama found that for the shoot.  :)

My good friend Lillie, of  Flourish by Lillie, custom made this sweet rose headband for Rosie's session.  Thank you, Lillie- you do great work!

She looks like a baby bird, hatching out of a little white egg!  So cute.

Oh, those baby yawns; they are so cute!  I try to catch one with every newborn I photograph, but they can be tricky!

Daddy and daughter.  What could be sweeter?

I could not have asked for a more beautiful nursery to photograph!

This shot almost didn't happen.  But she fell asleep again right as I was packing up the rest of my props.  I had to take advantage of the moment!

The simple sweetness of a newborn baby holding hands with her Mommy.  It gets me.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse these adorable photos of Rosie, and I hope to bring you many more in the years to come!  Goodnight, internet!

~ Kathryn