Monday, September 26, 2016

Mair's Debut: A Seaside Session ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Blog friends, I am honored to introduce you to a lovely little lady by the name of Mair.  She wins the award for furthest distance flown (over 4,000 miles!) to have a photo shoot with me, AND the award for best back-story among my photo clients.

You see, this beautiful, thriving toddler pictured below came into the world weighing a mere 1 pound 11 ounces.  My husband and I have been praying for this sweet girl since before she was born, and fervently afterward.  We looked forward to every e-mail update we received about her successes, and we felt the weight of worry when she had setbacks, as so many micro-preemies do.  But God was faithful to Mair, and He brought her through that rocky start with flying colors!  She has been such an encouragement to me, and when her Mama asked me to do a photo shoot for her last month, to say I was honored would be an understatement.

When the day finally came, it was hot and sunny, with clear blue skies, so we chose a seaside park at evening time in the hopes that those factors would counteract the intense heat.  Thankfully (for the most part), they did!  By the time that Mair started to wear down, we had moved down to the shoreline, where the tide was coming in.  As a last resort, her Mama plunked her down right at the water's edge to see what she might do.  Quite surprisingly, she loved it!  She sat there contentedly playing, splashing, and grinning at us as the tide came up and soaked the whole bottom part of her dress.  Even after about 20 minutes, she still hadn't had her fill, and complained loudly as she was removed from the water.  What a funny girl.  :)

I really had such a lovely time photographing Mair, and I still consider it such an honor that I got the chance!  I hope to bring you photos of this sweet little lady for years to come!

She was very focused on her book.  Go Dog Go- of course!

When the puppy's string wouldn't cooperate, she improvised!

That light... that breeze... what a dreamy setting!

Mair's grandparents came along for the shoot, and her grandpa was the only one who could make her smile.  He was also the blessed recipient of this sweet hug!

Pure childlike wonder.  I never get tired of capturing expressions like this!

Isn't her dress adorable?  Yes.  It is.

Grandpa was standing behind me, making her laugh!  AND she did love that water.

By the end, she was one tuckered-out toddler.  Not too tired to flash those beautiful blue eyes, though!

Well, friends- thanks for looking!  Stay tuned for future sessions this fall, and enjoy the last bits of "summer" weather if you're lucky enough to have some!  Until next time...

~ Kathryn