Sunday, October 30, 2016

Newborn Days with the Callahan Family ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Last month I had the opportunity to work with new clients, which is always exciting!  The Callahan Family had just welcomed their first child, a sweet little boy, but they wanted something a little different from the typical newborn shoot.  I suggested we take a cue from photojournalists and try what is sometimes called lifestyle photography, in the form of a combination Newborn/ Family photo shoot in the comfort of their own home.  As the days got closer to our session, I was super excited!  Planning out a photo shoot "shot-for-shot" (as I usually do) offers me a greater sense of confidence and control going into the shoot, but the photo-journalistic approach was really fun, and all the possibilities were definitely exciting.  Plus, there is a sense of familiarity and honesty in the shots that definitely comes through in the finished product.

The newest little Callahan was such a sweetheart during our session- quietly gazing at windows, consenting to lots of changes in position, and enduring many kisses from his doting parents.  He even let me set him up in a little faux-studio shot with some pumpkins, fall foliage, and a vintage wash basin- and fell asleep that way!  Well done, little man!  I will mention that it was just as sweet to see the love his parents have for each other and for him.  I was encouraged as I finished up our shoot, and reminded of the freshness of life with a new baby.  In those first days and weeks, everything is new and real and life-changing.  What an honor for me to be part of it- even if only for a few hours!

As the final piece of the session, we trekked out to their local pumpkin patch and braved the cold wind for a few timely fall-themed photos.  We even got in free to the corn maze!  Their little guy was such a trooper throughout, and we finished our last photo just as the skies broke open and the rain started pelting down (of course, I took a picture even then...).

But enough of my blathering.  You want to see these photos!  Scroll down, take a look, and click on the photo if you want to see it larger.  Enjoy!

The classic baby-in-crib shot.  A good place to start.

For a little comic relief...

His face just strikes me as so friendly.  Like, what a personable little guy!

Oh, the kisses.  So many kisses!

Little man being soothed by his Mama.  Just a little bit of real life.

Baby toes!  I can never pass up an opportunity to focus in on those.

Mom and Dad Callahan celebrated their first anniversary a few days after our shoot, so we included that wedding photo of them in the foreground for a little perspective of what their first year has brought!

You can't tell very much here, but the wind was whipping those corn stalks around like crazy!  This must have been a brief moment of calm.

One of my favorites.  Holding hands, holding their baby.  So in love!

Standing in a field of pumpkins with a baby, laughing at a joke.  Oh the funny things we photographers make people do!

Parting shot.  The rain was coming down hard!

Adorable, am I right?  Now you all want to get in line for lifestyle portrait sessions, right?  ;)

Have a great weekend, folks, and stay tuned for more shoots coming up!

~ Kathryn