Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Waiting for Baby: Yadon Maternity Shoot ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Around Thanksgiving time, 2016, I had the unique opportunity to do three photo shoots in the span of one week- all while on vacation in Northern Colorado.  It may sound stressful, but really, it was a fun challenge.  One of those three shoots was a maternity mini session for the Yadon family- an adorable couple about to welcome their first child into the world.

Maternity shoots are always a good time, because we're all very clear about the reason for the excitement that's being documented.  Mom and Dad are feeling a lot of lovey feelings for each other, Mom is glowing, and there's an underlying anticipation that permeates every shot.  We all know that something amazing is going to happen in the next few weeks, but the details remain a mystery.  And I get to capture all of those feelings on "film!"  It's quite an honor.

On this particular day, it was bitterly cold (says this maritime climate gal) and the wind made our ears numb by about five minutes into the shoot.  Thankfully, my shutter finger still worked.  We chose a rustic little location called Jessup Farm and found a few well-positioned barn doors and brick walls to use as our backdrops.  The Yadons were great sports- going along with all my ideas and bringing changes of clothes, a few perfect little props, and willing (if frozen) smiles.  I could not have asked for more!

Scroll down and check out these two lovebirds at less than a month out from meeting their baby!  (Click on a photo to view it larger.)

By now, of course, their adorable baby girl has made her appearance!  If the love between her Mom and Dad in these photos is any indication, I'm going to say that she is one lucky little lady.  And hopefully, she'll be very well documented!

Stay tuned for more Colorado shoots!
~ Kathryn