Saturday, February 18, 2017

STILL Keeping up with the Joneses ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Last year, you may remember that I shared with you all a photo shoot I did waaaay out in Fort Collins, Colorado for my brother and his beautiful family.  Well, they must have liked my work, because they asked me to do another shoot for them!  And of course, I was eager to do it.  How could I resist another chance to photograph a beautiful family, whom I love, in a picturesque location- which also happens to be right in their backyard?

Because of the shortened days of winter, we started our session racing against the setting sun.  We did get some lovely shots while the sun was still above the horizon; in the first few photos you can see that golden sunlight just lighting up the whole sky.  And for the shots that took place after sunset, we caught the blues and pinks and purples that followed.  They made a really nice frame for my subjects!

All the locations you see in the photos are in a protected wilderness area right behind my brother's house, which means that I didn't have to worry about random structures or vehicles or roads ending up in the background of their photos.  We also didn't see any other humans along the entire route.  By the time the light ran out, we were almost frozen anyway, and their dog had decided to take off into a lake after some wildlife.  It was quite the exciting end to an otherwise peaceful photo session.  Amusingly, their dog ran right through the corner of the frame as I was taking some of the last shots, so we have photo proof of her misbehavior!

Cutest little nephew award!  :)

He did that "Mr. Cool" pose all by himself.  No prompting needed!

What a beautiful family!

Excellent choice on the leg, Sarah!  ;)

Here it is!  The moment she made that fateful choice to run into the lake, while her owners were yet unaware!

This was one of the best smiles of the session.  I believe his Daddy was asking him which flavor of ice cream he wanted when they got home.

We took the opportunity to do a little baby #2 announcement photo during our session, too!

I'll end with this adorable mother-and-son shot.  So sweet.  :)

Well, thanks for looking, everybody!  Stay tuned for more photos from my Colorado trip in a few weeks, and stay warm out there!

~ Kathryn