Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Those Terrific Turners ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

This summer marked my fifth photo shoot with some of my favorite clients, who also happen to be dear friends: the Turner Family.  Each time I've photographed them, I've thought they just couldn't get  any more more endearing and photographically-likeable (a term I'm coining right now to describe that feeling you get when you see strangers in a photo and think to yourself, "I would like to hang out with them.  They look like good people.").  With their maternity shoot last spring, they really upped the ante, and when their beautiful daughter was born, it was clear that things were just going to keep getting cuter at the Turner household.

So when I was called upon to do a family session for the Turners this summer, with their newly one-year-old daughter, I was already excited for the end result.  True to form, the Turners gave me excellent material to work with on our photo shoot day.  Of course, all that means is that an already loving family did all their normal loving stuff- just while wearing especially nice outfits, at a beautiful state park, at the "golden hour" of the afternoon, with me around to photograph them.

For a nice nod to their maternity shoot, we chose the same location and many of the same specific areas of the park to shoot in, and we brought along the same beautiful vintage chair.  And like that session, the love this family has for each other shone through and lit up every photo.  (Even more than that beautiful golden sunlight.  Which is really saying a lot, because... man- that sunlight is amazing!)

The light in these first 3 shots is incredible.  I toned down the warmth and its still so golden!

What a blessed little girl!

That sweet little rocking chair is a family heirloom of theirs.  I love working those kinds of props in to the shoot!

That chair is back!  And so versatile!

See what I mean about the love?

Double click to open this photo larger and you'll see that cute little nose-scrunch smile up close!

This is my favorite photo of the whole shoot!

This was one of those unexpected shots that I ended up really liking.  It's fun to capture the curiosity of small children on camera!

 As always, I love the way these Turner shoots turn out!  I hope you all do, too!

'Till next time,
~ Kathryn

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