Sunday, October 15, 2017

Catching up with Mair ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

Some of you may remember the adorable little girl with the inspirational backstory whom I photographed last summer.  In my session-wrap post I wrote that I hoped to be photographing her for years to come.  Well, it looks like I was given at least one more year of that distinct honor, and I am happy to bring some highlights of that shoot to you all today.

Once again, we had lovely weather to work with (though, mercifully, not so hot), and once again Mair's Mama brought some adorable outfits for her little lady to wear.  For a dynamic prop we even used bubbles- a definite winner with the toddler set!

(Speaking of toddlers, I was reminded once again why I really love photographing little ones this age.  They are so busy, sometimes obstinate, but full of wonder and delight at simple fun (bubbles, peek-a-boo, story books, flowers).  The little years are fleeting and they seem to go by in a blur, but pointing the camera toward the blur sometimes yields marvelous results!)


Bubbles and sunshine... I love it!

What a beautiful smile!

It is such a blessing to me to watch this little girl grow.  I hope you feel the same when you see these little glimpses of this sweet and precious girl!

Until next time,
~ Kathryn

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