Wednesday, September 19, 2018

More Joneses to love! ~ Tacoma Family Photographer

     As has become my custom, during a recent trip out to Northern Colorado, I took the opportunity to photograph one of my all-time favorite families (yes, I am biased, but it's still true!): the Joneses.  My brother and his beautiful wife have gone and had another adorable little blonde-haired baby boy, so I was lucky enough to capture all four of them in their element.

     Taking a cue from our last shoot, we started in their scenic backyard and worked our way along the trail behind their property.  It's such a beautiful landscape, and we were rewarded with perfect photo-shoot not too much sun, interesting clouds, and pops of blue sky.  Their dog was able to join in the fun, too (though without running away after some wildlife like last time).  But she wasn't the only animal who made an appearance; One of their four pigs got her own portrait while being fed by my nephew!  I had never professionally photographed a pig before that.  That's something for my resume!

    Aside from the animals, the only prop we wanted or needed was my sister-in-law's old Radio Flyer wagon, which was also featured in their second session with me back in 2015.  I was glad to see it back, and it was such a useful prop, since both of their adorable boys can ride happily in it.  Of course, I wasn't surprised that these two brothers got along just fine, even in the confines of the wagon, since they come from (as I've said in previous posts) such an easygoing and fun-loving family.  Yup, I think I have enough photographic evidence by now- these Joneses sure know how to have a good time (and look good doing it)!

Ah, the "give your Mommy a kiss on the cheek" prompt.  It's a sweet photo every time!

This must be how they get their exercise!

Brotherly love!

I loved the timing on this one.  A dog and her boy.  (Well, one of them, at least.)

This is one of my favorites.  Little boys grow up so fast.  She won't be able to hold both of them at the same time for much longer!

Double click on this one to see it larger.  I liked how their littlest guy was looking back at me.

After taking all of these sweet photos of my brother and his sons for the past few years, I'm beginning to think he's a pretty great dad...  ;)

Life with kids.  Am I right?

I try to always snap a photo or two of just Mom & Dad at the end of a family session.  Their two little boys are so blessed to have their love to look up to.

Well, there you have it!  Yet another amazing shoot with these wonderful people whom I am honored to call family. 

~ Kathryn